Optimize Your Content Marketing for PR Success

PR isn’t simply about garnering media coverage. It’s about building and maintaining relationships, too.

 Optimize Your Content Marketing for PR Success

To accomplish both, PR pros target content towards specific audiences. They don’t send press releases into the online void; they send them to news outlets with an interest in the product or service. They don’t advertise to everyone, either. They promote their brand to audiences that care about it.

Optimization involves a few considerations:

1. Research news outlets, bloggers and journalists, and target audiences. Create in-depth profiles of each. Researching one avenue can feed another; for example, discovering where your target audiences spend time helps you identify outlets to pitch.

2. Analyze how your audiences prefer to receive content. The media likes to receive information in different ways than potential customers do. Journalists prefer to receive pitches via email or on Twitter; potential customers only want to see emails and tweets if they’ve opted to receive them.

3. Maintain your relationships. News outlets come and go, and so do bloggers and reporters. Audiences may not disappear on a whim, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect them. Tailor your content to increase engagement and awareness.

PR success doesn’t happen overnight. It’s an iterative process of creating content and optimizing it for the right audiences at the right time and right place.

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