Even though it has been warmer than usual this winter, the doldrums have still set in. Need help finding the best in food and entertainment to get you out of the house and back into the pulse of your city? Thrillist is a national entertainment, food and travel site with a focus on top U.S. and Canadian cities. This week we take a look at the top 10 writers at Thrillist on Twitter, ranked by number of followers. Follower counts were pulled on March 1, 2017, and will change over time.

1. Matt Patches – Entertainment Editor – 12,948


2. Daisy Barringer – Contributing Writer, San Francisco – 8,099


3. Dave Infante – Producer & Writer-at-Large – 5,085


4. C.A. Pinkham – Contributor – 4,978


5. Melissa Kravitz – Contributing Writer, New York – 4,202


6. Keane Amdahl – Contributing Writer, Twin Cities – 3,551


7. Zach Mack – Contributing Writer, Beer – 3,522


8. Tony Merevick – Cities News Editor – 3,428


9. Kevin Alexander – National Writer-at-Large – 3,333


10. Tim Ebner – Contributing Writer – 2,754


Correction: the original version of this list included Gigi Engle, who no longer contributes to Thrillist.

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