Technology and Telecommunications Firms Dominate Cision’s Q2 Corporate Media Reputation Index

Technology-based companies hold down seven of the top 10 slots; Wal-Mart climbs to highest ranking in three years, Coca-Cola reaches top 10 for first time

CHICAGO, IL, July 28, 2008 — Technology and telecommunications companies led by Microsoft and Apple Computer nailed down seven of the top ten slots in the Q2 Cision Index, a quarterly assessment of how news coverage reflects and helps shape the corporate reputation of the 100 largest U.S. companies.

Also riding high on the technology momentum was Dell Computer, which jumped 32 positions to number eight, marking a strong recovery from its position near the bottom of the Index in 2006. Comcast also showed an impressive performance, leaping 20 spots to hold down the number 10 position. Other tech-related companies in the top 10 are Hewlett-Packard at four, Verizon at five and Intel at six.

Five of the nine IT companies tracked by the Index ranked in the top 10, while the four telecom companies were the strongest industry group over all, ranking from Verizon at number five to Sprint Nextel at 26. Sprint Nextel was the largest gainer in the Index, rising 70 positions.

Of the non-tech companies, at number three, Wal-Mart climbed to its highest ranking in two years, as consumers concerned with the current economy flocked to the retail giant’s low prices. Coca-Cola’s surge to number nine was driven by higher profits, exceeding sales expectations, and a focus on faster growing, emerging markets by acquiring hot brands such as Fuze, Fruitsi and Vitaminwater. Finally, Walt Disney maintained a spot in the top 10, finishing at number seven.

“Many analysts have predicted that tech companies will be among the winners during the current economic slowdown and the Index results for the second quarter bear that out,” said Joe Bernardo, President and CEO of Cision North America. “Highly anticipated new products, solid revenues and earnings reports, major acquisitions, and major investments in wireless and mobile technology all helped tech companies reap extensive, positive media coverage.”

The weakening economy’s impact on the Index is demonstrated by the fact that in the second quarter, approximately 1/3 of the companies had a net negative news score (more negative news than positive or neutral news). This was double the number reported in the first quarter. In addition, financial services, being hammered by the economy, showed precipitous drops from the first quarter rankings. In fact, companies from this group represented 4 of the 10 largest decliners this quarter.

On the up side, Kroger joined Sprint Nextel in climbing 70 positions, as it reported solid financials. Other companies showing strength were BestBuy, which climbed 46 spots, and UPS, up 41. BestBuy announced an investment in Car Phone Warehouse, Europe’s largest cell phone retailer, while UPS revealed a deal with DHL that could result in $1 billion in additional annual revenue.


Cision’s Corporate Media Reputation Index includes analysis of news items to rank the media reputations of the largest 100 U.S. companies. Cision ( gathers news from America’s most prominent national dailies, and top business and news magazines, ranging from The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal to Fortune and Forbes. Each company is assigned a score based on the number of positive and negative reputation-driving attributes found in each story. These attributes are classified into five dimensions: stakeholder relations, financial management, products and services, organizational integrity and organizational strength.

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