Anna Marevska

How to pitch the always-on-the-move travel journalists? Follow these six tips.

Anna Marevska - April 10, 2017

We’ve talked to hundreds of HGG editors about what makes them pick your pitch for their HGG pages, and here are some of the most important takeaways that guarantee to help you land that important end-of-the-year gift-giving page.

Anna Marevska - August 5, 2016

We chat with award-winning freelancer Paul Rubio about his pitching preferences.

Anna Marevska - July 1, 2016

Founded in 1929 Bloomberg Businessweek is one of the most respected business publications in circulation. It keeps readers informed of […]

Anna Marevska - June 24, 2016

A little over four months after David Bowie’s death, the world lost yet another musical genius, the incomparable Prince who […]

Anna Marevska - April 22, 2016

The New Year is almost here, and there are countless opportunities out there for you to tell your story to […]

Anna Marevska - November 20, 2015

In PR, Christmas comes in July, and gearing up for a successful holiday gift guide season is essential for running […]

Anna Marevska - July 24, 2015

Stevie Wilson is a freelance writer with a unique blend of talent and experiences that range from gadgets and tech, […]

Anna Marevska - October 30, 2014

Holiday gift guides are the most coveted real estate of media coverage, and summer is the time to get ready […]

Anna Marevska - July 23, 2014

Electronic Media Research Manager Beth Blanchard contributed to this post. Pitching the ever-on-the-move travel writers can prove daunting for many […]

Anna Marevska - May 14, 2014

As print and online media become more of the same, monetizing the model becomes top priority for publishers in the New Year.

Anna Marevska - January 6, 2011

Market editor, Aja Mangum, switched media platforms to follow her mentor to another publication.

Anna Marevska - October 7, 2010

Whether working for a daily, weekly or a monthly publication, expectations of an editor are the same: Publish information that […]

Anna Marevska - August 12, 2010

Katherine Hobson discusses her new position with The Wall Street Journal

Anna Marevska - June 3, 2010

Rocky Rakovic joins editorial staff at Inked Magazine.

Anna Marevska - May 20, 2010
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