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Identify value drivers, establish benchmarks and deliver intelligence that illustrates the impact of your initiatives. Whether you’re measuring an individual campaign or an entire strategic program, Cision Global Insights provides you with the data, tools and expertise essential to understanding your brand.

Our methodology is powerful, yet surprisingly understandable.

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Our analysts work with you to establish specific baselines and key performance indicators, against which you can measure the success and reputational effectiveness of a single initiative or an integrated campaign.

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Cision’s unique combination of print, online, broadcast and social media monitoring provides the comprehensive foundation upon which we apply our quantitative algorithms—which we’ve developed and rigorously fine-tuned over the past 40 years.

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We synthesize analytics based on our proprietary methodology which we have developed to handcraft insightful conclusions and recommendations that inform your business decisions and budget allowances.

Cision Global Insights empowers any department or person tasked with managing brand health.

Public Relations Professionals

Public relations and communications professionals turn to us to manage reputational effectiveness and illuminate the impacts of individual campaigns, crisis management responses and targeted media strategies.

Brand Managers & Customer Experience Teams

Using social media, we extract the voice of the customer for brand managers and customer experience teams, quickly highlighting early-stage risks, key reputational accelerators, and opportunities to protect and strengthen your reputation.

Corporate Strategy Professionals

Our team informs strategy and planning functions by delivering broad market assessments and incisive customer and competitive intelligence. Our deep segmentation capabilities provide actionable insights.

Digital Marketing Professionals

Digital marketing professionals rely on Cision to better understand social communities and reactions, and to improve cross-channel lead generation and nurturing campaigns.

Our Approach to Insights

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Cision has measured communications for over 40 years, developing industry-leading tools and methods for quantifying earned, owned and social media.

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We design client-specific recommendations, using trained analysts stationed around the world—from Chicago and Boston, to London and Shanghai. Their regional expertise and language capabilities mean you get the most accurate and actionable advice.

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Make tough business decisions with confidence using Cision Global Insights’ best-in-class technology and our world-class analysts. We don’t just provide reports—we provide insights.

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