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Top 10 Automotive Bloggers on Twitter

As we roll into the colder months, the road trip season is winding down. That doesn't mean that you should be paying less attention to the health of your car. Follow the top automotive bloggers on Twitter for quick tips and reviews.
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Top Ten Atlanta Music Bloggers

Whether you're hopping that "midnight train to Georgia," or trying to stay cool in "Hot 'Lanta," when you get there you'll want to check out the dynamic music scene. Luckily, there is no shortage of knowledgeable music bloggers in Atlanta.
Pitching - Mariano Rivera

Eight Tips to Make Pitching Bloggers a Home Run

Whether gained via blog or traditional media, publicity aids your business with exposure, third-party validation, higher SEO, and other benefits. Though the perks are similar, the method of pitching bloggers and traditional media members differs in certain areas. Yes, many tips for pitching (like being relevant and brief) apply to both bloggers and journalists, but to assume bloggers and traditional media types are exactly the same is to miss publicity opportunities.