Visual content is no longer just nice to have, it’s something you need to have. Multimedia is a cornerstone, and audiences today expect it. PR Newswire provides communicators a suite of multimedia tools to make it easy to create a dynamic story.

PR Newswire has been our agency's #1 'go-to' wire service for decades. They have always provided superior online media coverage in terms of both quantity and quality due to the influential news and content partnerships they forged. In addition, PR Newswire's Visibility Reports allow us to track our clients' press release performance along with them in real time, for optimum media relations and social media marketing. CreightonPR has occasionally tried out other wire services to compare and always immediately returns to PR Newswire because their reach and results are simply unparalleled in the industry.

- Heidi Creighton Ciampa, President, CreightonPR