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The 2024 Cision and PRWeek Global Comms Report

Find out how 400+ PR and comms leaders worldwide are approaching the way they work in today’s media landscape.

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Social Media Listening

Build stronger campaigns and make smarter strategic communications decisions—with real-time, around-the-clock insight into consumer and influencer conversations.



Why do you need social listening?

For PR and communications teams, social media is the ultimate double-edged sword. It gives consumers unprecedented power over your organization’s reputation. But it also gives your team unprecedented potential to understand how messages are resonating with target audiences.

Think about it: For years you’ve wanted to learn more about how customers’ opinions, perceptions and sentiments are impacting your organization. Now, instead of sending out surveys and hoping people respond (and respond truthfully), the data you need for deeper insight is within reach—in the billions of conversations happening on social networks.

If your team is like most, you don’t have the time and resources to effectively monitor millions of conversations for insights. That’s why social listening is indispensable. A good social listening tool keeps your team informed, in real time, about critical changes in what consumers and influencers are saying about your brand. It applies analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to uncover the ‘why’ behind those changes—is there a customer service issue emerging or are you part of a positive trend? Cision Social Listening provides you with the tools and insights you need to respond at the right time, in the right way, to avoid crises, fend off competitors and protect and strengthen your brand.

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Why Cision?

Cision Social Listening, powered by Brandwatch, offers the most comprehensive social media monitoring and consumer digital intelligence. As your eyes and ears on the social media landscape, you get 24/7 monitoring with real-time, AI-driven analysis of the world's largest database of online conversations.

With Cision you’ll monitor and track more brand mentions, emerging trends and shifts in sentiment. You'll spend less time worrying about social media, and more time making social media work for your PR marketing strategy and your organization’s reputation.

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Ed Romaine

VP Marketing & Business Development

Conveyco Technologies

Cision Communications Cloud is the best of what's available and out there. There are many companies doing segments of what they do, but Cision brings the entire package together in an efficient and attractive interface, combined with proven success and connections. I haven't found another tool remotely close to what Cision provides.

Manage and mitigate crises with fast, informed response

On social media, where consumers and influencers generate huge volumes of content every second, it’s critical to be able to quickly identify and monitor issues that can escalate into a crisis. Without the right data, analysis and communications tools, your team can easily be caught off guard—and be unable to respond in time to minimize or prevent damage.

Cision Social Listening is your 24/7 crisis communications partner, keeping your team informed and proactive at every step. Our investments in data science, social media analytics and AI help you quickly identify unusual activity or emerging crises—in real time—within conversations taking place on every leading social network and in thousands of review sites and online forums. Notifications alert you to conversations about your organization, and around the industries, competitors and topics you care about. Powerful analytics and reporting help you compare what's happening in different social channels, communicate findings to your team or organization and pivot strategies in response to the crisis.

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Know exactly where your reputation stands

Strong companies have brands that customers trust. But you can't fully assess your organization's reputation today without ongoing, real-time insight on how customers and influencers are thinking and feeling about your business, across billions of online conversations worldwide.

Cision delivers that insight directly to you in a single, interactive dashboard. See what people are saying about your team—and when, where, and how they're saying it. Track spikes or dips in brand mentions. Quickly spot conversational trends and discover new conversations and keywords to enhance your PR and your organization’s reputation. Search content and sources based on hashtags, keywords and related topics. Analyze social-specific data visualizations—heat maps, sentiment analysis, topic wheels and more.

Compare metrics and KPIs with those of competitors across social platforms, regions, demographics and more. And communicate your findings to your team and to management with easy-to-use reporting tools.

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Manage, measure and communicate campaign performance

How are your communications strategies resonating with clients and customers? How are they impacting your organization’s business objectives?

Cision's comprehensive social listening dashboard lets you quickly see what's working, and what isn't. Built-in reporting and communication tools make it easy to connect the dots between your social listening data and the consumers and influencers behind the metrics to give context to the content that is resonating with your target audiences. Spot opportunities to join conversations and reach new audiences. Learn which influencers are impacting your organization, and how to leverage them to your advantage.

Track and document which strategies generate the best coverage, visibility and engagement at every stage of your campaign. Then use automated reporting tools to transform and combine clips into executive reports that tell the story of your social media marketing and communications performance and help you devise your future PR strategy.

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Monitor. Analyze. Understand. Win.

Talk to a Cision expert to learn more about all of our media monitoring solutions.

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