Quantifying the Power of PR


Struggling to convince your C-Suite that lower volume, highly targeted, quality coverage earns greater results than high volume coverage across all media? Adobe, like many comms teams, has struggled with this issue for years – until now. Educate your execs on the power of PR using the power of data and research!

To dismantle this traditional mindset, the Adobe communications department teamed up with Cision Insights’ media analysis experts to explore this perception through a data-informed, fact-based communication analysis.

The research revealed:

  • 65% of the original target media list of 3,000 outlets generated only one story in the past year, while a targeted 550 media outlets generated 75% of all quality coverage.
  • Adobe chose to consolidate media monitoring services to a single source – Cision – after determining they captured 82% of all content while other sources combined captured only 37% of coverage.
  • The centralized approach led to a 25% cost and time savings, with a reduction in agency hours and turnaround time.

By revolutionizing its media monitoring and analysis framework, Adobe PR empowered the enterprise as forcefully as any other marketing channel. With these findings, executives agreed to focus media outreach and measurement on media that delivered optimal results.

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Read more about how Cision supported Adobe's PR efforts in PRNEWS here.

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