Understand Earned Media Outcomes

Demonstrate how PR coverage affects key business metrics, enabling accurate reporting on the real value of PR to your business’s bottom line. 

With advanced metrics for verified views, daily unique views, and website actions like conversions of your most important pages, you can confidently attribute your campaign performance to business outcomes.

Drive Higher Audience Engagement

Go beyond approximate readership measurements and know which topics, themes, and narratives have the greatest influence with precise viewership data on Outlets and Articles. 

Knowing where your story resonates most helps you prioritize relationships with the most impactful outlets and journalists and share stories you know resonate the most.

Delight Existing Audiences and Discover New Segments

Validate that you are reaching the right audiences and unlock new, highly-engaged audiences you may not have previously considered with advanced PR analytics like demographic and firmographic data.

Personalize Your PR Strategy

Reach desired end audiences with a more personalized messaging and targeted earned media strategy. Learn about the steps and tools to use with our e-book, 4 Steps to a Personalized PR Lifecycle.

Personalized PR Lifecycle eBook

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