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The 2024 State of the Media Report

Get actionable insight from 3,000+ journalists on what they truly want and need from PR teams.

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Cision Media Analytics & Measurement

Deeply understand, accurately measure and effectively communicate the results and outcomes of your earned media coverage.
The Cision Communications Cloud Monitoring & Analytics solution gives you unprecedented power to see, understand, and manage your brand story, brand reputation and communication campaigns using a single, trusted source of reliable metrics and KPIs.

Unmatched analytics make sense of your coverage—and measure performance in every way that matters

Cision Comms Cloud’s suite of media analytics and AI capabilities measure outcomes, add context and deliver answers you need to achieve your strategic communications goals. With Comms Cloud you’ll know and understand:
  • How your key messages are being covered in the media
  • Which stories are resonating with your target audience
  • How much coverage you—and your competitors—are getting in target and top-tier publications
  • The sentiment of your coverage, and how it differs between stories, campaigns and against your competitors
  • Which publications and authors have the greatest audience reach and influence
  • Who is engaging with your coverage—and how that engagement aligns with your web traffic, conversions, lead generation and revenue performance
  • How and why coverage and engagement volumes are changing over time
  • When key public figures tied to your company, industry or competition are mentioned
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Cision’s best-in-class media analytics, media measurement and media reporting tools transform data from 100+ million global media sources into deep, actionable intelligence about your earned and social media coverage.

Track and investigate every aspect of your brand and campaign performance with unlimited analytics dashboards. Build and refine your strategic communications strategy based on meaningful and revealing metrics. Demonstrate the impact strategic communications have on business outcomes—a critical component to executive success. Cision lets you do all of this—you can understand the complete picture of your communications strategy with one tool.
Analysing the data

Unlimited dashboards enable unlimited data discovery

Cision Comms Cloud turns data into an intuitive, interactive dashboard that you can customize into comprehensive overviews of key metrics and KPIs. Set up dashboards that provide multiple views of your coverage or campaigns. Build dashboards that compare your campaign performance and earned media performance to key competitors or industry benchmarks. Track weekly, monthly or quarterly performance to see where you stand, or create year-over-year comparisons to reveal progress about your competitors, your industry or yourself.

Drill down into any activity spike, trend or individual mention to see the numbers, clips, journalists and influencers behind your metrics, for a granular understanding of what’s moving the needle.

Build your dashboards using 20+ ready-made widgets

Customize with your own search keywords and parameters. Or build your own widgets using the highly intuitive widget builder.
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Avery Faehling
Public Relations Specialist, SKYWARD Inc.
The analytics and campaign tracking are amazing features that have helped our company see just how effective our PR efforts have been, how we can improve, and the value in what we do as a marketing and communication department.

Custom alerts keep you on top of events and opportunities—and a step ahead of a crisis

Easily stay informed with competitor announcements, relevant industry news or sudden spikes or dips in key metrics. Cision’s anomaly detection algorithms alert you daily, weekly or in real time—you choose what works for you. In addition to displaying alerts on your dashboard, you can send them to your inbox, Slack channel or wherever your team is most likely to see them.
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Innovative reporting can provide your executive team unprecedented access to communication insights

Cision Comms Cloud lets you transform your dashboards into interactive reports, persuasive charts and slides, automated email digests and newsletters, and more—all with just a few clicks. Produce executive-ready reports that:
  • Demonstrate and quantify the impact of your earned media efforts, and tie metrics to specific business outcomes
  • Respond quickly and effectively to management requests for campaign results, brand reputation status, crisis updates
  • Build your case for new strategic communications campaigns and budget
  • Show that key messages reached and moved the right target audiences
  • Keep your team and your stakeholders up-to-date on earned media coverage, competitors’ activities, industry news, and more

Leverage Google Analytics, Slack and other tools to share charts, reports and data from within Comms Cloud. And integrate your metrics and KPIs seamlessly with Tableau, Power BI and other business intelligence solutions.

Cision Impact

Draw a straight line from PR to sales and ROI

Add unprecedented performance reports to your Comms Cloud dashboards. Go from approximating readership counts and relying on attribution tools that only measure referral traffic to reporting precisely how your campaigns are performing with the advanced analytics of Cision Impact.

  • Measure exactly how many people viewed online articles

  • Attribute key website conversions like form fills, purchases, and downloads to your earned media campaigns

Know who is reading your coverage with in-depth demographic and firmographic data on your readers.

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Cision Social Listening

Get instant intelligence from the world’s largest archive of consumer conversations

There are thousands and thousands of conversations about your organization, competitors, and industry—it’s a never-ending stream. Cision dashboards provide insights within a minute of collection so you can quickly make sense of what’s being said.

  • See when, where and how people are mentioning your organization with best-in-class data visualization for heat-mapping, sentiment analysis, emotional classification, topic wheels and more.
  • Click any graph to drill down to the specific media posts, influencers, shares and other details for a more in-depth look at online brand conversations.
  • Compare performance across social media platforms.
  • Get AI-powered alerts that notify you of unusual activity, including positive mentions or indicators of emerging crises.
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Brand reputation management

The strongest brands outperform the market by 96% when it comes to shareholder ROI1. The sheer volume of customer conversations can make brand reputation difficult to assess and manage, and make emerging crises difficult to identify. Cision media analytics—readership, social amplification, sentiment, key messages and more—help you visualize and understand how your earned media is impacting your brand reputation, and identify which publications, journalists and influencers can help tell your story the way you want it told.

Competitive and industry intelligence

In an increasingly fragmented media landscape, with new channels and influencers emerging every day, it's more difficult to stay one step ahead of competitive challenges and industry shifts. Cision's media analytics give you access to the earned media data you need to benchmark your performance against competitors, identify emerging trends, and quickly pivot strategies to generate stories and coverage that resonate with your target audience.

Campaign management and measurement

77% of PR and communications professionals struggle to prove the business value of their work2. Cision delivers easy-to-use tools with the broadest range of communications metrics–including key message pull through, coverage resonance and audience engagement. Sophisticated data and reporting allow communications professionals to prove the impact of campaigns across the buyer’s journey and on brand reputation.

Cision Media Analytics & Measurement is a key component of Cision Communications Cloud—our all-in-one platform for understanding your story's media coverage, tracking audience reach and behavior, measuring outcomes and proving the value of strategic communications.

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