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The 2024 Cision and PRWeek Global Comms Report

Find out how 400+ PR and comms leaders worldwide are approaching the way they work in today’s media landscape.

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Cision Social Listening Powered by Brandwatch

Make fast, informed decisions that build and protect your brand reputation with powerful social listening.
Today, over 50% of the world's population use social media. You need a market-leading partner to make sense of all the conversations. Cision Social Listening, powered with the excellence of Brandwatch, gives you cutting-edge social media analytics that cut through the noise, with the artificial intelligence (AI) and reporting tools you need to fully understand your presence online, take fast action when needed and demonstrate the effectiveness of how your messages are resonating with your audience. 

Access the world’s largest archive of online consumer voices

Cision has partnered with Brandwatch, part of the broader Cision family of solutions and a global leader in social media monitoring and consumer digital intelligence, to embed world-class social media listening within the Cision Communications Cloud.

With Cision Social Listening, you can easily tap into conversations from the top social networks all in one place—such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit and LinkedIn.

In addition to monitoring social media channels, you’ll receive unprecedented access to customizable online conversation data pools in more than 40 different languages, plus hundreds of online forums and review sites, including 70 million+ customer reviews per month from sources like Google Reviews, Amazon, CNET, eBay, TrustPilot and more.

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Using on-demand dashboards, you gain instant insights into online conversations about your business or organization, competitors and industry within one minute of collection.

There's power in numbers—Cision Communications Cloud + Brandwatch offers the most comprehensive coverage across traditional and social media of any media monitoring solution on the market.
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Extract instant intelligence from consumer conversations with sophisticated social media monitoring tools and analytics

Cision's dashboards break out social conversations from traditional media—and help you quickly make sense of the thousands of conversations surrounding your brand or business, competitors, industry and target audience.
  • See when, where and how people are mentioning your organization to make sure you are targeting the right audience.
  • Quickly spot conversational trends and discover new conversations and keywords to enhance your PR and brand strategy.
  • Utilize best-in-class data visualization with social-specific metrics including heat-mapping, sentiment analysis, emotional classification, topic wheels and more.
  • Click any graph to drill down to the specific media posts, influencers, shares and other details for a more in-depth look at online brand conversations.
  • Track hashtags, shares, top-performing and worst-performing posts and more—for you and your competitors.
  • Compare performance across social media platforms.
  • Get AI-powered alerts that notify you of unusual activity, including positive mentions or indicators of emerging crises.
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Ed Romaine
VP Marketing & Business Development
Conveyco Technologies
Cision Communications Cloud is the best of what's available. There are many companies doing segments of what they do, but Cision brings the entire package together in an efficient and attractive interface, combined with proven success and connections. I haven't found another tool remotely close to what Cision provides.

Effectively measure and communicate your performance

No more screen-grabbing posts, wrestling with spreadsheets and hand-building charts. With smart measurements that are easy to share, Cision Social Listening makes it easy to demonstrate how your social media strategy is impacting your brand and your business outcomes.
  • Quickly find the posts and content driving the most mentions and engagement for your brand or business and compare your performance over time.
  • Track how your messaging impacts the way customers think, talk and view your brand, products and services.
  • Measure how your online presence, engagement and public perception stacks up against competitors.
  • Incorporate ready-made graphics into executive presentations and team reports to illustrate the meaning of your social media analytics.
  • Use automated reporting to combine clips and share your social media data story with your leadership and stakeholders.
  • Share posts, data and reports via email, or other communication and collaboration tools with one click.
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Know exactly where your brand stands and manage make or break moments in minutes.

Cision Social Listening’s market-leading AI technology monitors sentiment, conversations and brand mentions culled from millions of posts in key publications, web sites, and influencers’ social media channels 24/7.

Stay on top of trends and focus on important mentions with content that appears in your dashboard fully processed with insights available within one minute of collection. Easily identify potential crises as they emerge—with the context and intelligence to respond with quick, confident action. Automated searches, time-framed volume metrics, dashboards and one-click reporting help you monitor what’s important to you.

Access your social media monitoring data on the go with real-time alerts that detect sudden changes to online discussions and deliver notifications directly to your inbox.

New to social media monitoring? Cision Social Listening’s guided search features help you build effective searches in minutes about any brand, issue, campaign, person or topic. Go deeper into your brand reputation analysis by tracking hashtags, user handles, online profile URLs and more with ease.
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Cision Communications Cloud

Harness the full power

Social media monitoring is just one piece of the puzzle. The Cision Communications Cloud brings together all facets of PR intelligence and strategy into one powerful platform. One log-in can help you discover and contact new media or influencer connections, track audience reach and behavior, access news coverage from millions of trusted global media providers, measure your outcomes with comprehensive analytics and much more.

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Cision PR and Communications experts take the time to understand your strategy, goals and challenges. In partnership with you, our team will recommend the optimal solution to help you understand, influence and amplify your story.

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