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Understanding Today’s Media: Insights from Top Journalists

Join this panel with top journalists to explore findings from the 2024 State of the Media Report.

The 2024 State of the Media Report

Get actionable insight from 3,000+ journalists on what they truly want and need from PR teams.

Turning Audience Data Into Actionable Results

Using Data to Improve Your PR

When you plan and execute a PR campaign, you likely consider your target audience. But how well do you really know them?

Simply knowing the basics about your audience won't ensure you craft the right messaging or distribute it on the most valuable channel. It's a good place to start, but there's even more data you can tap into.

From demographic and firmographic data to buyer interests and behaviors, understanding all the details of your audience can help you shape more effective campaigns that have actionable results. In this white paper, we discuss how to use data from analyzing your audience to tailor your PR strategy.

Download the white paper to learn:

  • Why knowing your audience is so important
  • Where to uncover new audience segments
  • How to incorporate the buyer's journey into your strategy