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How to Integrate Google Analytics With Cision Comms Cloud™

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Web analytics is a key component in understanding when PR and comms efforts are leading to conversions on brand websites. From traffic to revenue, web analytics provides a clearer picture of how audiences and consumers engage with websites, and prove return on investment (ROI).

Understanding web traffic and conversions are becoming a standard value demonstrator in place of lightweight metrics like traditional reach stats because they return hard results on user interaction — regardless of industry. While other earned media measurement methods differ across industries and even company, time spent on a page and pageviews give solid confirmation of actual engagement that isn’t available via metrics like brand awareness and sentiment.

Cision Communications Cloud® integration with Google Analytics and other platforms enables comms teams to make ROI evaluations by tying metric returns on websites to campaigns, or various points therein. In turn, this better informs their earned media strategy and drives more business as user-activity highlights success benchmarks set in place.

In the below video, Cision Product Marketing Manager, Kevin Miller, explains how PR pros can use web analytics integrated within Cision Comms Cloud™ in their campaign strategy.