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The 2024 State of the Media Report

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Need Holiday Content for Your Site? We Can Help.

While you might be watching your colleagues start off on their vacations or staycations, you’ve got more holiday feature writing to do. This annual deadline might not always lead to your most creative writing.

Thankfully, you’ve got a place to go: Start with the advance search tool on PR Newswire for Journalists and fill those empty spaces on your website with compelling holiday content.

When readying your news site for the holidays, we've got your covered.

News releases get creative.

Thanks to content marketing, news releases have become great vehicles for storytelling. Marketers and publicists know you’re pressed for time and low on staff through the new year, so they’re making releases easier than ever to use.

A quick search of recent releases uncovered these announcements, which can be used as stand-alone holiday pieces:

Many releases come with art or graphics.

If you're searching for high-resolution images and/or videos, you're in luck – many releases sent via PR Newswire include multimedia elements, making them easy to download and add to your story.

Feel free to publish photos, logos, and videos without worrying about copyright issues. Everything on our newswire is fair game for use.

Here are just some of the images you might find if you search for holiday news on PR Newswire for Journalists:

Advance the story.

With the holidays come announcements that will likely cover:

Holiday Sales & Gift Guides

Organizations across a range of industries will be announcing new products and savings for consumers. And with 2021 being what it is, many of the holiday sales have been extended over several days/weeks or moved online, so it’s important to keep up with the latest announcements. If you’re putting together a deal guide, list of gift ideas, or holiday budgeting tips, a custom newsfeed on PR Newswire for Journalists will help you find the perfect holiday content to fit your needs.

Supply Chain Crisis

The ongoing supply chain issues are also a big topic this year, so keep an eye out for how it may be impacting gift shopping and deliveries.

Travel Trends

The pandemic + holiday travel = plenty of travel industry updates. Whether it's popular destinations, the reopening of borders, or canceled flights, you can expect regular travel-related press releases in your inbox.

Now, about that evergreen copy.

Say you’re a magazine writer and you closed your holiday gift-giving guide or round-ups months prior. You likely must continue updating your website.

So unless a major news event occurs, you’re probably still recycling the same ideas, tweaking them a bit, and adding a 2021 or 2022 label.

Need some evergreen ideas to start from? Try these:

Need to follow up? That’s easy.

If you decide to make a few calls to add to and/or change some of the site content, finding a source to interview isn’t impossible, even at this time of year.

Every release that crosses our newswire comes with a media contact in the release. Email and phone numbers are standard, and these folks are ready for your questions.

Finally, if you’ve not already tried our ProfNet or HARO services, give them a try. There are thousands of sources available for interview at any time.


See the original post on Beyond Bylines.



Rocky Parker

Rocky Parker is the Digital Content Lead at Cision and has been with the company since 2010. In addition to writing content for Beyond Bylines and the Cision blog, she works with journalists, bloggers, and content creators to create their targeted newsfeeds from PR Newswire for Journalists. Rocky also counsels on SEO and content writing best practices.