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10 Top-Notch Asian American News Sites to Follow

The U.S. is entering Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month in 2021 at a time unlike any previous. Racism and violence have racked the community. Activists and allies have been drawing attention to not just horrific recent events but a long history of bias against the AAPI community in the U.S.

Now more than ever, it is important to understand and amplify AAPI stories. Overcoming stereotypes and underrepresentation in media has been a long-fought struggle, but diverse and vibrant voices are telling crucial stories that all Americans should hear.

To celebrate AAPI Heritage Month, we present 10 top sites for news, politics, activism, culture, arts, and entertainment by and about AAPI communities.

1. Cold Tea Collective

Cold Tea Collective focuses on the lives and stories of millennials of Asian descent in the U.S. and Canada. The site covers news and opinion, arts and culture, entertainment, and lifestyle and wellness. There is also abundant mental health coverage and an advice column.

Stories to read right now: Why we must learn Asian American history, 10 books by Asian Canadian and Asian American women you need to add to your reading list, and 5 female Asian guitar visionaries you need to listen to.

2. Angry Asian Man

Angry Asian Man is the go-to source for news and activism, but the site also features blog and article roundups, interviews, and podcast conversations with newsmakers and trendsetters in the arts and entertainment industry.

Story to read right now: Read These Blogs.

3. Burdock

A relative newcomer, Burdock will release the second issue of its print magazine during the summer of 2021. The site is a beautiful and sophisticated companion to the print edition. Focusing on fine arts and culture, it includes interviews with writers, artists, and tastemakers, as well as bold fashion editorials. Many interviews are also available on the podcast.

Stories to read right now: Min Jin Lee and Bubble_T.

4. Hyphen

Hyphen is a digital magazine following in the footsteps of venerable predecessors like A. Magazine.

It includes news and culture, fiction, and photoessays to tell a compelling and holistic story of diverse Asian American communities across the U.S., particularly underrepresented ones outside of the major population centers.

Stories to read right now: "COVID-19 is a Wake Up Call" and Gen Z Speaks Out: A Conversation With YoungArts Artists.

5. AsAmNews

AsAmNews is a straightforward news site with broad coverage of Asian American groups across the U.S. In addition to sections for each Asian American community, the site has coverage of LGBT issues and campus news.

AsAmNews also includes a Bad Ass Asians section highlighting "Asian Americans breaking the mold and making inroads in non-traditional careers."

Story to read right now: Call to fight hate by pledging to increase AAPI visibility.

6. Mochi

Mochi bills itself as “the longest-running online publication for Asian American women.” It aims to provide diverse content including news and activism, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty with an Asian American perspective to women of all sorts.

Story to read right now: AAPI Organizers Turn Out the Vote in Georgia.

7. Character Media

Character Media is the source for Asian American-interest entertainment news. Focusing on the breadth of the Asian American community and its many stories, the site includes food, art, and fashion coverage alongside in-depth reporting on movies and TV.

Stories to read right now: Women Make History For The AAPI Community At The 93rd Academy Awards and The Lookout: Upcoming AAPI Film, Music and Book Adaptations to Get Excited About.

8. Reappropriate

Reappropriate says that it is “one of the web’s oldest AAPI feminist and race activist blogs.” In addition to its incisive cultural and political commentary, the site offers stories on pop culture and essays by guest contributors.

Story to read right now: On the Continued Value of AAPI Heritage Month.

9. NBC News | Asian America

NBC News aggregates general news stories about Asian American communities from its broad coverage of the U.S. There are also opinion pieces and profiles along with numerous video interviews.

Stories to read right now: What Riz Ahmed's Oscar nod means to South Asian, Arab, Muslim artists and Laotian American truck driver took leave from work, sold car to stop anti-Asian hate

10. The Conversation | Asian Americans

The Conversation brings together journalists and academics to provide rigorous, researched, thought-provoking articles on various topics from politics, economics, and technology to art, health, and education. Within this broad coverage, the site collects articles on Asian American-interest subjects to bring to bear explanatory journalism on events and issues affecting AAPI communities.

Story to read right now: Are America’s schools safe for Asian American