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Learn to Blog: 5 Places to Find Online Blogging Courses

Although plenty of people will insist that the blogging bubble burst long ago, the fact is that blogging can still be profitable in 2021 and beyond – and with more people wandering away from the platform in search of other creative outlets, you’ll have an easier time finding a niche and breaking in.

But the best part of blogging in the modern era is that you don’t have to go in blind. Where people in the past may have started blogging as an experiment in trial-and-error, you can get a head start by learning from the wisdom of those who came before.

Here are a few of the best places to find online blogging courses, ranging from free content to paid programs and covering all sorts of topics like SEO, marketing, design, and more.

1. Udemy

If you don’t mind paying money for your virtual education, it’s hard to go wrong with Udemy. The platform is well-respected for its skills-based coursework prepared by experts in their fields, and the blogging courses are no different. From the all-inclusive Blogging Masterclass to more focused programs on SEO, content marketing, entrepreneurship, and WordPress mastery, it’s hard to argue with the selection. Courses range in cost from $20 to $200 but often go on sale for deep discounts, so keep an eye out for ways to save some money on your journey.

2. Skillshare

Just like Udemy, Skillshare is a platform for video-based lessons taught by professionals and topic enthusiasts. However, the site functions on a per-month subscription rather than a per-video fee, making it a more cost-effective option. If you’re ready for a hardcore blogging cram session, you can sign up for a free one-month trial and enjoy classes on blogging basics, the fundamentals of content marketing, low-cost marketing solutions, and more. Each class is brief and designed to teach a specific skill, so you can mix and match to fill in your knowledge gaps.

3. Ryan Robinson

Blogger and podcaster Ryan Robinson has carved out a big niche online with his blogging and content marketing courses, earning him a position as one of the top names in that field right now. Part of his appeal is his transparency: He provides income reports for his own blogging each month, so you can see trends in traffic, email subscribers, and other relevant stats. With nearly a $30,000/month income, it’s hard to argue with his success. While not everyone can expect that same level of success, he’s still got plenty of helpful information to offer on his site that's worth checking out.

4. HerPaperRoute Academy

Operated by Chelsea Clarke, a content monetization strategist, HerPaperRoute Academy is focused on niche sites – identifying a niche, positioning yourself as an authority, and converting your content to a money-making machine. There are a ton of tools and resources on the site, but I recommend starting with the free “Niche Authority Hacker” course that teaches the basics of branding for any niche.

5. YouTube

Never discount the power of YouTube as a teaching aide. Although paid courses are usually more focused (and not interrupted by ads), a YouTube self-education in blogging and SEO can be quite powerful. To get started, here’s a list of blogging YouTubers to follow in 2021.

Of course, as you begin your journey into blogging in the modern era, it’s important to remember that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. That’s part of the fun! Take in your information from a variety of sources, experiment to find your own strategies and voice, and get ready to hit the ground running with your new career.