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Understanding Today’s Media: Insights from Top Journalists

Join this panel with top journalists to explore findings from the 2024 State of the Media Report.

The 2024 State of the Media Report

Get actionable insight from 3,000+ journalists on what they truly want and need from PR teams.

APAC Media Landscape 2022: How to Improve Your APAC Communication Strategies

Discover Trends and Developments in the Media Industry

PR Newswire’s APAC Media Landscape 2022 report offers comprehensive insights into trends and developments in the media industry across nine markets in the Asia-Pacific region: Australia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

For public relations and communications professionals who work with global or APAC-specific brands and businesses, this report provides remarkable visibility into the complex and diverse local media landscape.

Read this free report to better understand:

  • The impact of major news outlet closures
  • Emerging digital content platforms
  • Issues and trends that are shaping the APAC media industry
  • The most powerful media outlets in the Asia / Pacific region
  • What you need to know about media and messaging in APAC markets
  • The top social platforms in Asia
  • Which news outlets have the greatest reach in APAC

For the full set of findings and unique data you won’t find anywhere else, read the full APAC Media Landscape 2022 Report.