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The 2024 State of the Media Report

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Leveraging AI in Public Relations: A Guide for Brands Navigating Cancel Culture

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In recent years, “cancel culture” has emerged as a significant phenomenon in public discourse. The challenge for PR and comms professionals who are tasked with managing brand reputation lies in the sheer volume of data available to monitor and try to make sense of.

“Leveraging AI in Public Relations” takes a deep dive into the evolving landscape of cancel culture and its implications for brands and businesses. Just as importantly, it outlines the pivotal role artificial intelligence can play in helping PR and communications professionals stay ahead of the billions of conversations happening online at any given time. With the right resources and approach, brands can be ready to analyze and respond to issues as they start to surface.

Topics covered include:

  • Effectively analyzing unstructured data using narrative analysis and content classification.
  • Leveraging AI to gain insights that would be challenging to obtain through manual analysis.
  • Using AI as an early warning system to identify potential brand crises.

Download the guide now to learn how AI can empower PR and communications professionals to navigate the complex landscape of cancel culture, detect contentious content early, and respond quickly and effectively to potential crises.