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The 2024 Cision and PRWeek Global Comms Report

Find out how 400+ PR and comms leaders worldwide are approaching the way they work in today’s media landscape.

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Ramp Up Your Measurement Approach to Build Relevant Customer Engagements

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Insights-driven business is projected to grow 8 to 10 times faster than the global economy by 2021. Join us for an hour-long webinar to discover indispensable methods for increasing your measurement approach to build more relevant and targeted customer engagement.

If you're like most comms professionals you're heavily dependent on specific metrics to show you're driving brand awareness:

  • Potential reach
  • Share of voice
  • Content performance

While these metrics are well-intended, the constant challenge is:

  • Determining whether these vanity metrics are leading to specific business outcomes
  • Discovering whether your content is impacting and being consumed by the right audiences relevant to your brand

Despite the increase and accessibility of analytics and measurement, you and your fellow marketers and communicators are still facing numerous challenges employing them in ways that ensure data quality from a variety of sources, while providing real-time insights that positively impact your business.

View the webinar to get insights on using relevant metrics your brand should be using to better track and measure ultimate outcomes.



Meet Our Speakers

Kaila Garrison headshot
Kaila Garrison
Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Operations at Cision
Tina Moffett headshot
Guest Speaker, Tina Moffett
Senior Analyst at Forrester