This Help A Reporter Out Service Appendix (“Appendix”) supplements the existing agreement in place between the parties (“Master Agreement”). Capitalised terms used but not defined in this Appendix have the meanings given in the Master Agreement. In the event of any conflict between this Appendix and the Master Agreement, this Appendix prevails.

          1.   Definitions

For the purposes of this Appendix, references to “Services” in the Master Agreement refer to the Platform (defined below).

Company” means the selling party on an Order.

Customer” means the buying party on an Order.

HARO” means Company’s service linking information sources to reporters and bloggers known as HelpAReporterOut that Company provides to Customer as set out on an Order.

HARO Query” means a query posted in HARO by a journalist member of HARO.

Platform” means the on-demand relationship management and communications technology and services that Company provides to Customer as set out on an Order.

          2.   HARO terms

2.1. Restrictions. Source members of HARO: (a) will only respond to HARO Queries if they have relevant information which they believe can assist the journalist member with regard to the specific HARO Query; (b) will not use any information contained within a HARO Query for any other purpose; and (c) may forward HARO Queries to others, but will not post HARO Queries on blogs, websites or any other public forum. Customer will not harvest journalist or source member email addresses for any reason.

2.2. Disclaimers. Company has no responsibility relating to any information about the identity of any journalist or source member of HARO. Company does not verify the authenticity of any data which a journalist or source member provides about itself or relationships an individual may describe. Customer will not misrepresent its identity or use a pseudonym in posting or responding to HARO Queries. Company is not liable for the deletion, corruption or failure to post, store or forward any messages or other content (including the HARO Queries) that the Platform maintains or transmits .

2.3. Availability. The Platform will maintain an average availability of no less than 99.5%, as measured on a monthly basis, excluding downtime caused by (1) scheduled maintenance performed between the hours of 12:00 AM and 6:00 AM Eastern time; (2) emergency maintenance; and (3) force majeure. Access to the Platform may be available during scheduled maintenance periods, but performance may be slower than normal.

2.4. Support. Company will provide technical support to users to assist Customer with troubleshooting, error correction and use of the Platform via a telephone helpline or email during the hours of 8:00 AM through 8:00 PM Eastern time, Monday through Friday (unless otherwise stated on an Order) except for Company’s regular business holidays. Customer will have unlimited access to Company’s online product support center.