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The 2024 Cision and PRWeek Global Comms Report

Find out how 400+ PR and comms leaders worldwide are approaching the way they work in today’s media landscape.

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Guaranteed Paid Placement from Cision PR Newswire

Amplify your story—with guaranteed publication on sites your customers follow and trust.

Leave nothing to chance

Sometimes you can't afford to rely on earned media coverage alone. Guaranteed Paid Placement from PR Newswire ensures your story will run on a curated list of publisher web sites you choose with native advertising that maximizes your story's visibility. Sponsored content gives you more control over the publication of your news—and more exposure and engagement with your target audiences. Get Started

Eliminate weeks or months of work, in minutes

Getting visibility through editorial content with visibility on premium websites is difficult. Native advertising is a great option, but purchasing sponsored content directly from premium websites is complicated. Guaranteed Paid Placement makes it as simple as checking a box when you submit your press release. Our global, automated platform—powered by the content syndication technology and expertise of NATIVO and STACKADAPT—does the rest.
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Drive more traffic back to your site

Just like all other display ads and native ads, Guaranteed Paid Placement displays your content alongside related articles. Similar to sponsored content in social media, you're assured impressions which means a broader audience can read the full news article on the publisher's website, then click a clear call to action for offers or information at your website.

Promote content on sites your target audience loves

Your press release is automatically converted to content that matches the look and feel of feature articles on the premium sites and digital publications you target.

Measure your results

Track impressions, site postings and more for every native ad and article you place. Get the analytics you need to demonstrate effectiveness and fine-tune your next campaign.

Add high-value content marketing to your multi-channel comms strategy

When you supplement your press release distribution with Guaranteed Paid Placement from PR Newswire you create and share a consistent, cohesive message across multiple channels—including guaranteed impressions in the media your target audience reads and trusts the most.
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Luan Pham
Chief Marketing Officer, Byrna Technologies
As a media veteran, I've never seen anything like this combined offering before. I was very impressed with the overall plug-and-play nature of the solution and how professional the result was. Cision made it easy for media outlets to pick up our story and integrate it into their own sites, and the results were incredible. Everything ran very smoothly and far exceeded our expectations.

Broaden your reach and brand awareness

Engage customers and prospects in an authentic format

Guaranteed Paid Placement’s native formatting fits seamlessly into each publisher’s news feed, where your target audiences are already reading, and leverages the authority and credibility of sources they respect.

Take greater control of your brand message

With Guaranteed Paid Placement your news isn’t part of the story—it IS the story. Your branded content—headline, narrative, quotes and accompanying multimedia—are published unchanged as a sponsored article.

Maximize ROI from your press release and PR campaign

Save time by repurposing your press release content into a native article while also increasing your measurable impressions.

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Guaranteed Paid Placement

For news that can’t wait— and can’t risk underexposure.
  • New products or major product updates
  • Time-sensitive news such as corporate and industry events
  • Updates around expansion into new markets
  • Important financials or shareholder news
  • Product recalls, customer service bulletins, damage control
  • Punching above your weight—perfect for small businesses that compete with large corporations for attention
Get Started

The ideal complement to press release distribution. And only Cision has it

Only Guaranteed Paid Placement from PR Newswire lets you combine earned media and native advertising into a single, seamless and totally coordinated multi-channel campaign.
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