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The Most Overused Press Release Words, According to Journalists

More lessons from Cision’s 2021 Global State of the Media Report

While the product, service or event you’re pitching may be unique, cutting-edge or exciting, if you’re using any of those words to describe it, your press release will come across as anything but.

According to Cision’s 2021 State of the Media survey, “unique,” “cutting-edge” and “exciting” are among the most cringe-inducing terms for journalists to read in a press release, due to their overuse. But those are hardly the worst offenders. If you really want to make reporters’ eyes roll, try using “best of breed,” which the majority of journalists would cancel if they could. “World class” and “unprecedented” rounded out the top three words most in need of abolishing.

Want to get inside the minds of journalists? We spoke with editors and journalists from top media outlets at our recent  State of the Media Summit about what PR pros can do to get more coverage. 


Mary Lorenz

Mary Lorenz is Editorial Director at Cision and writes about best practices and thought leadership for marketing, communications and public relations professionals. She has a background in marketing, public relations and journalism and over 15 years of experience in copywriting and content strategy across a variety of platforms, industries and audiences.