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The 2024 State of the Media Report

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We sat down with Tony Russo, founder of Russo Partners, LLC to discuss why his company chose Cision, how he uses it to further his communications strategy, quick tips and more!

  1. What were you doing before using Cision to support your communications PR strategy?

    Russo Partners has maintained a relationship with PR Newswire since our inception. They have been our preferred distributor for over 31 years and have become an integral part of our PR strategy.

  2. Why did you decide to purchase Cision?

    I chose Cision because of their reliable customer service and superior quality.

  3. How are you using our product to support your PR and communications projects?

    Cision has consistently provided us with the best metrics, even as the industry has grown and changed. That makes it easier for us to demonstrate the value and return on investment of public relations to our clients.

  4. What benefits have you seen from using Cision?

    Our clients depend on our ability to quickly generate analytic reports, a task that wouldn’t be possible without Cision. It also allows us to demonstrate value as a firm, which is essential for maintaining strong relationships with our clients.

  5. Tell us about a recent and successful PR/comms campaign. What results did you achieve? What results stood out most for you?

    We recently put on an event for a client in conjunction with our Sports-Health Alliance. We were able to gather around 100 healthcare employees, patients and caretakers within the client’s therapeutic community, allowing our client to achieve two of their corporate goals: educating their main target audiences and differentiating their product from others in the space.

  6. How did Cision help you achieve this success you mentioned in Question 5?

    Cision was a large part of the success of our campaign. We used it to find relevant reporters and disseminate information about our event, which positively impacted our event attendance.

  7. What is your favorite Cision feature?

    Advanced analytics. They allow us to evaluate competition in the space better than ever before.

  8. Does Cision make your workday easier? Tell us how!

    Cision’s reliability and high quality of service have earned our trust over the years. Therefore, it eliminates any cause for concern and allows us to be confident that our news will be distributed as intended.

  9. Given your success, what advice would you share with another PR/comms professional?

    As PR professionals, we spend so much of our time preparing press releases and connecting media with clients. By selecting the best service provider, we can maximize output by executing effective communication strategies.

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About Tony Russo

Tony has been a member of the healthcare and technology PR and IR community for more than three decades. As a founder of Noonan/Russo in 1988, he and his colleagues have helped build signature healthcare brands worldwide. A frequent speaker at industry conferences, Tony has published articles and chapters in numerous scientific magazines, medical journals and books. As comfortable on the streets of Rome as he is in London, Shanghai or New York City, Tony possesses that rare combination of a world viewpoint and a razor-sharp focus on his business.