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Success Story: SickKids Foundation Partners with Cision to Maximize Fundraising Opportunities and Capture Full Coverage

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As one of the largest charities in Canada, SickKids Foundation’s mission is well-known: to make every kid a healthy kid. With a goal of raising $153 million this year, SickKids Foundation needs to make sure its communications strategy is flawless to maximize their reach and achieve their fundraising goals.

The Foundation turned to Cision to help improve its print and broadcast monitoring, allocate their resources efficiently and gain insights into their competitive landscape.

The success story showcases how:

  • The SickKids Foundation’s team decrease by 50% its time spent creating daily monitoring reports
  • SickKids delivers cross-functionally across multiple use cases by customizing Cision monitoring tools
  • SickKids Foundation uses Cision Insights to take a deep dive into competitive analytics

And much more! Download the success story to learn more.