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The 2024 State of the Media Report

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2021 Travel Pitching Kit

Two people viewing mountain range

The travel industry is turning off airplane mode. Is your comms plan ready for takeoff?

As COVID-19 shuttered industries around the world, perhaps few industries took as big a hit as travel and hospitality. But as vaccination access continues to increase, audiences are ready for takeoff.

We reached out to travel writers, bloggers and photographers for our annual travel pitching kit to see how PR and communications pros can best work with them right now and for their thoughts on how communicators should prepare for a travel resurgence.

Download the 2021 Travel Pitching Kit for:

  • Advice for PR pros looking to stand out in a competitive pitching environment
  • COVID-19 guidance on how PR pros should (or shouldn’t be) incorporating COVID-19 angles into their pitches
  • Social networks where you can connect with these influencers to start building relationships