State of the Media 2023 Report

We surveyed 3,000 journalists globally to reveal challenges, industry evolution with technology, and implications for communications professionals. 


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Bridging the Gap for Comms and Marketing

Building Cohesion in the Age of Customer Disruption

Digital media now singularly impacts buying decisions and how consumers feel about brands, only amplifying the importance of consistent messaging across media channels and especially with earned media. Yet too many brands are dissatisfied with their earned media performance due largely to problems arising from misalignment between marketing and comms.

Brand leaders need to know how to spot marketing-comms alignment problems, leverage technologies and solutions to help drive cohesion, and create consistent messaging across media channels.

This report, produced in partnership with Cision, is based on a CMO Council survey of 150 brand leaders across marketing and communications and nearly a dozen in-depth interviews with executives from companies including IBM, Nokia, Schneider Electric, Lamps Plus, Certified Trust, Center for Creative Leadership, R&R Partners and InnerWorkings.

Key findings include:

  • The top 5 technologies that drive cohesion
  • Insights on how to align process and structure reporting relationships
  • Important metrics that will improve collaboration
  • 10 deep-dive interviews with experts in marketing and comms