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The 2024 State of the Media Report

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The Business Case for Focusing on Employee Mental Health

There are countless ways your employees’ social media presence can sway public perception about your brand. And when your brand reputation influences your bottom line, perception is everything.

Cision recently partnered with the Institute for Public Relations on a research analysis examining conversations on Twitter about mental health in the workplace, and the impact it has for employers.

Focused on such topics as burnout and “quiet quitting,” the four-day workweek, and various corporate mental health initiatives currently in play, the findings provide key insight into:

  • Employee and employer perceptions around common workplace trends
  • How different generations prioritize mental health
  • Which brands are “winning” with their mental health initiatives

Get the report to learn more. You’ll also walk away with five, evidence-based recommendations for leaders in effectively addressing mental health in the workplace.