State of the Media 2023 Report

We surveyed 3,000 journalists globally to reveal challenges, industry evolution with technology, and implications for communications professionals. 


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EARNED MEDIA RESURGENCE, An Expert Guide to Help PR Pros Elevate Their Profession

Communications is evolving. Jay Baer, one of the marketing industry's major thought leaders, believes the communications function is at the beginning of a resurgence and needs to evolve into true Earned Media Management. Earned Media Management requires top-notch communicators, like you, to think and work more like a marketer with the use of technology to optimize your communications efforts.

  • Collaborate cross-functionally
  • Use data to tell better stories
  • Incorporate multimedia more effectively
  • Adopt an experimental mindset
  • And much more!

Are you ready to be a part of the new way—the modern way—communications is practiced?