State of the Media 2023 Report

We surveyed 3,000 journalists globally to reveal challenges, industry evolution with technology, and implications for communications professionals. 


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Integrating Earned Media Into Paid & Owned

The age of Earned Media Management is here.

Not only is earned media a more highly trusted form of media, but it’s now also possible to track and measure it in the way comms pros have been able to track and measure paid and owned media for years.

The key now is for each team of comms pros to decide the right mix of paid, earned and owned in their overall strategy.

Four Tenents for Integrating Earned Media:

  • Influencer Graphs: Not a tool, but means of mapping out who the actual audiences of influencers is
  • Smart Engagement: Not just a periodic press release, but sustained, smarter engagement
  • True Measurement: Measuring real numbers that matter to your brand
  • Comms Transformation:Overall integration of your strategies to bring in real, measurable results