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Social Media and Influencer Marketing for PR eBook

Tap into new and more targeted audiences on social using influencer marketing.

Best practices for social media are constantly in flux, and influencer marketing is just now solidifying itself as the strategy evolves into its own industry.

Are you effectively using social and influencer marketing in your PR strategy? Use this guide to take the guesswork out of showcasing how your brand reaches more targeted audiences in order to drive better results.

This eBook covers how to:

  • Tap into social media for research - Get the information you need to prepare and target your pitches
  • Identify and connect with influencers - Find the right influencer for your brand by creating an Influencer Graph
  • Combine social with influencer marketing - Learn how algorithms impact social platforms and ensure your story gets covered

Social media is a fantastic resource to not only build and maintain networks, but to stay on top of trends and discover influencers. Streamline your approach on social and with influencer marketing using this eBook as your guide.