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Crisis Communications Toolkit

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Don't let a crisis ruin your PR strategy

Even some of the world's most reputable companies can tell you: No brand is immune to a PR crisis. Having a plan in place to mitigate the crisis - if not prevent it entirely - and manage it while it's happening is critical to your ability to recover from it and rebuild public trust after the fact. No one wants or expects a media storm, but when it hits, the brands who are most prepared come out on top. The question is: Are you and your team prepared to handle a PR emergency?

Why we created this toolkit

Each of these resources underscores different aspects of the crisis communications creation and execution process – from why having a proactive crisis comms plan in place is critical, to what a proactive crisis communication plan looks like when executed in real life, to how to create a crisis communication plan that works for your organization.

In this toolkit, you’ll have access to:

  • Crisis Comms Checklist: Use this three-step checklist to create a proactive crisis communication plan that helps your team not only manage a potential PR crisis, but also prevent one in the first place.
  • The Right Way to Respond to a Crisis: Lessons from Uber: Get a real-life look at what effective crisis communication looks like - and how to apply it to your strategy - with this video case study.
  • The PR Lifeline: A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Manage a PR Crisis: Use this guide as a blueprint for creating an effective crisis comms plan that works for your team and benefits your brand.

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