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Better Reporting Gives You the Power to Do More

Don’t just do the work. Show the results.

PR is hard work. It’s constantly maintaining relationships, trying new angles and creating buzz. But to many executives, it all seems vague. But we know better: we know there are concrete ways to measure - and prove - the organization-wide impact of your work. 

That’s because our reports do just that. 

Our reports are as easy to create as they are to share and showcase the work you’ve accomplished. PR is hard. Proving its value shouldn’t be.

What Can You Do with Cision Reporting?

Make the work you've done get noticed.

Impress stakeholders and executives with the metrics they want to see.

Upload to Slack, email, or create a newsletter chock full of bragging rights.

You've shown what you can do. Now you can show what a little more funding can do.

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ProSight Specialty Insurance

See how ProSight partnered with Cision to track key metrics and build executive ready reports that showed their impact and won buy-in from company stakeholders.
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Cision PR Analytics Report Widget

Easiest. Report Creation. Ever.

Turn your Cision dashboard into sleek reports instantly. With one click, each widget becomes its own, fully customizable slide with room to add your own insights. Easily share the report URL with internal stakeholders, who can drill down into additional metrics.

More Tech. Less Time.

Seamless integration with the smartest analytics tools. 

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Google and Adobe Analytics

See the impact earned media has on your website traffic, user behavior purchases or lead conversions by integrating your Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics account. View data on an aggregate basis on your dashboard, or on a per article basis.

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Cision offers a fully customizable REST API to bring media mentions, social media analytics and metrics into business intelligence software like Tableau, PowerBI, Domo and other internal reporting structures. Build comprehensive public relations campaign reports from a variety of sources.

Spike Alerts So You Don’t Miss a Thing

Be the first to know about any breaking news coverage on your brand, anywhere at all. Get more to report, as soon as it needs to be reported. 
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Do the Work.
Show the Work.
Celebrate the Work.

Your team is made up of PR experts. We're proud to help you show off all the great work you've done.