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Pride Month & Beyond: 8 LGBTQ+ News Sites to Start Following

It's been over 50 years since the 1969 Stonewall Uprising and the start of the modern fight for LGBT rights. While the LGBTQ+ community has achieved remarkable milestones, the fight for acceptance and equality is still ongoing.

The LGBTQ+ media and influencers continue to showcase audiences’ unique stories and voices that include all sexual orientations and gender identities.

Pride month is here! And, we want to recognize and celebrate the top LGBTQ+ news sites sharing the latest news, insights, and advice across various topics, including activism, sports, politics, fashion, and entertainment.

Here are a few of our favorite LGBTQ+ news sites to check out, in no particular order.

1. LGBTQ Nation

LGBTQ Nation is a news site providing news and commentary for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community. It's been said to be the most followed of all LGBT blogs.

It focuses on important LGBTQ issues in the news across various industries, including politics, family, health, and global news.

The extensive Health & Wellness section focuses on the particular health needs and services of LGBTQ people. And the Pride in Pictures tab shows LGBTQ pride around the world all month long.

Articles to read right now: Joe Biden Calls for Increased Funds to Fight HIV; and Pride in Pictures.

2. Joe.My.God

Joe.My.God is an award-winning blog covering news and politics on gay issues and culture. It also features a section focused solely on marriage equality. With a loyal following, you’ll find lots of comment threads and lively discussions on Facebook.

Joe Jervis constantly updates the site with news from around the web. Posts are concise and easy to read. Joe even provides a Blogroll linking to his favorite LGBTQ+ news sites and blogs.

Articles to read right now: Burger King Comes For Chick-Fil-A With Pride Promo; 5.6% of US Adults Identify as LGBT, 15.9% of Gen Z; and SCOTUS Rejects Suit to End Male-Only Military Draft.Joe.My.God LGBTQ Blog

3. Outsports

Outsports offers something usually not associated with the LGBTQ community as it's the world’s leading gay-sports publication. The website focuses on LGBT issues and personalities in amateur and professional sports.

With the mantra "Courage is Contagious," Outsports highlights accomplishments and the perseverance of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender athletes, gay sports organizations, and events.

The news site provides insightful interviews, inspiring coming out stories, up-to-date news on out athletes, and LGBTQ high school athlete resources. The acclaimed blog is owned by Vox Media and associated with SB Nation.

Touted as a place for gay and lesbian sports fans to connect, the online forum allows fans to share links, quotes, photos, and videos.

Articles to read right now: Here is How Every Sports League is Celebrating Pride Month; and For Gay Triathlete, Finishing the IRONMAN Fulfills a Dream.

4. AfterEllen focuses on entertainment, interviews, reviews, and news about the lesbian and bisexual women’s community. The site covers pop culture with a fun, feminist perspective on television, movies, music, books, and sports.

It also covers lifestyle issues like lesbian sex and dating, coming out, fashion, and the current political climate as it affects the LGBTQ community.

Founded in 2002, the site is now the go-to resource for lesbian/bi perspectives on all things entertainment. 

Articles to check out now: Publishing Lesbian Books: What’s Changed in a Century?; Date Night Mini-Playlist By Lesbian and Bisexual Artists; and “Well, I’m a Lesbian:” Remembering Madeline Davis


5. Advocate

A leading source in the LGBTQ+ media landscape, Advocate has been providing up-to-date and extensive news coverage since 1967.

Started as a newspaper in response to a police raid on a gay bar, it is now a bi-monthly print magazine and website. is a source for breaking news and current events and news, politics, business, medical issues, fine arts, and entertainment. The magazine reports monthly on the same areas.

Don’t miss the Podcast section of the website, which includes interviews and commentary from leading gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender celebrities, activists, and politicians.

Articles to read right now: Dr. Fauci on 40 Years of HIV and AIDS; 5 Large Corporations Called Out for Donating to Anti-Trans Politicians; and Cynthia Erivo on ‘Normalizing’ Black Queer Love in Video for New Song.

6. Out & Equal

Out & Equal Workplace Advocates is the world's premier nonprofit organization dedicated to achieving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer workplace equality.

They partner with Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies to provide executive leadership development, comprehensive training and consultation, and professional networking opportunities that build inclusive and welcoming work environments.

For over 20 years, Out & Equal has been hosting the annual Workplace Summit bringing together executives, HR professionals, Employee Resource Groups, and individuals. It has become the place to network and share strategies that create inclusive workplaces.

Articles to read now: Pride-Out-of-the-Box: An ERG guide to Celebrating Pride Virtually in 2021; and Why Representation Matters: A Conversation with Jen Henderson

7. PinkNews

PinkNews is a favorite UK-based LGBTQ+ news site that crosses country borders, reporting on general, business, entertainment, and travel news and opinions.

With a mission to inform, inspire change, and empower people to be themselves, the site does an excellent job of keeping readers updated on a variety of intriguing topics. With categories and subcategories, it's easy to go directly to the content that matters to you.

PinkNews covers politics, entertainment, education, religion, health, parenting, and community news for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community.

Articles to read now: Progress Pride Flag Gets 2021 Redesign to Better Represent Intersex People; Heartbreaking Pose Finale Recreated One of the Most Powerful Protests in History; and Defiant Teachers Wear Skirts to School after Student Cruelly Sent to Psychologist

8. BuzzFeed LGBTQ

BuzzFeed is known for its catchy, light-hearted listicles, quizzes, videos, and reviews. But the site also provides impressive breaking news and viral journalism covering lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender news and trends.

You’ll still find some seriously awesome quizzes and best-of lists to go along with well-written articles on timely topics from LGBT editors and writers.

There’s a little something for every mood and a huge following of engaged readers commenting on content and sharing via social media.

Articles to read now: 17 Reasons Why Eric From "Sex Education" Is The Most Iconic Character In History; and Jonathan Van Ness Just Celebrated Their One-Year Wedding Anniversary With Mark Peacock.


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