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The 2024 State of the Media Report

Get actionable insight from 3,000+ journalists on what they truly want and need from PR teams.

PR Statistics: 2024 Global Comms Report by the Numbers

The 2024 Cision and PRWeek Global Comms Report surveyed more than 400 senior PR and communications professionals across the world to get their perspective on the industry’s biggest trends and challenges.

The full report is available to download now, but if you’re looking for quick takeaways, we’ve pulled out key PR statistics from the report’s global data to give you food for thought. You can also view these PR stats by downloading the infographic below.

2024 Global Coms Report

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Influencing Decision Makers

PR statistic: 92% of communications leaders who participated in the Global Comms Report agree that the C-Suite has sought comms’ counsel more in the past 12 months than in previous years.

Key takeaway: Comms teams now have a seat at the table and the ability to influence decisions, but with that comes an expectation to move the business needle and deliver proof of revenue and customer growth.

Data and Analytics

PR statistic: 42% of comms leaders say they are "very much so" relying on data and analytics this year – a significant uptick from the 30% who said the same last year.

Key takeaway: Organizational leaders must strive for data literacy and ensure their business does the same. Being able to monitor, measure, and interpret what the data means to them will also ensure teams can use it to inform and refine PR strategy going forward.

Measuring and Proving Impact

PR statistic: 50% of communications leaders cite "inability to measure impact effectively" as one of their biggest challenges. In fact, only 25% of comms leaders agree "very much so" that they have the necessary tools to effectively measure and demonstrate the impact of their work.

Key takeaway: PR and comms teams need to invest in tools to demonstrate the impact they’re having on the bottom line. Platforms like CisionOne can help here with monitoring and social listening capabilities.

Crisis Management and Communication

PR statistic: 21% of global comms leaders would rate their current ability to prevent crises before they happen as "excellent."

Key takeaway: When crises happen, they can be devastating. What happens next is critical. Teams should embrace an “always on” approach and have a full plan (that’s continuously being refined) in place to execute when required.

Storytelling Struggles

PR statistic: 45% of communications leaders identified content creation as a top priority; however, only 33% rate themselves as "excellent" at articulating a compelling brand story.

Key takeaway: Making good content requires time, skill, and investment in the right creative tools. Monitoring traditional and social media conversation can help you understand messaging that resonates and inform engaging audience content. From there you can begin to understand the story you want to tell and align on messaging, from the C-suite through to creatives.

Generative AI Adoption

PR statistic: 32% of communications teams are using generative AI regularly; 33% are using it, but infrequently; and 27% are considering starting to use it.

Key takeaway: Generative AI is still in its infancy within PR and comms, but it’s clearly not something to be ignored. Teams that make AI part of their overall strategy today have the potential to gain a competitive advantage and will benefit in the long term.

Connecting with Reporters

PR statistic: Only 22% of corporate comms leaders rate their teams as "excellent" in their ability to identify and collaborate with the right journalists to tell their stories.

Key takeaway: Forging relationships with journalists can be a challenge for PR and comms teams. Working with a media database provider, like CisionOne’s Outreach platform, can help you assemble a list of relevant reporters quickly and get timely pitches into their inboxes.

Finding Impactful Influencers

PR statistic: "Everyday consumers" beat out all other types of influencers – including celebrities – in terms of the impact on their brand, according to 57% of comms leaders.

Key takeaway: Brands should look at ways to engage consumers to help further their brand story. One way is to make social listening part of your strategy to find people talking about you online, understand the messages that resonate, and uncover opportunities to engage further. And if you struggle with identifying the right influencers for your efforts, a comprehensive media database can help you quickly find relevant media influencers to partner with and amplify your brand’s story.

Social Media Strategies

PR statistics: 31% of comms leaders intend to add Threads to their social media strategies this year, while Instagram is gaining on Facebook’s lead as the top social media channel of choice.

Key takeaway: Social media doesn’t sit still. New channels are emerging constantly (while others are seeing a decrease engagement), so ensure your social strategy is nimble enough to experiment with emerging platforms – but ensure efforts are focused on the feeds that deliver the most engagement and ROI.

Making Sense of the Data

These PR statistics shed light on how your industry peers and competitors are evolving their tactics and strategies amid new technologies and higher expectations from CEOs – as well as the obstacles they are encountering along the way. Use these insights to your advantage: Consider how you can apply these learnings to your own strategy and turn others’ challenges into your opportunities.

For more industry insights, download the full 2024 Global Comms Report.

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About Simon Reynolds
About Simon Reynolds

Simon is the Content Marketing Manager at Cision UK. He worked as a journalist for more than a decade, writing on staff and freelance for Hearst, Dennis, Future and Autovia titles before joining Cision in 2022.