Quantifying the Power of PR


For years, communicators have cited proving ROI as a challenge. Without the data to show which campaigns and tactics are your strongest performers, organizations develop deep-seated assumptions that may or may not hold true if examined.

Adobe sought to interrogate a long-held C-Suite assumption that high-volume, less-segmented coverage was the greatest driver of results. The Adobe communications department teamed up with Cision Insights media analysis experts to explore this perception through a data-informed, fact-based communications analysis.

As a result of their research, Adobe was able to:

  • Prove executives' long-held assumption that higher volumes of coverage drove better results was false
  • Identify that 65% of outlets on their target media list weren't generating any desired coverage
  • Centralize their monitoring approach and create 25% cost and time savings in doing so, improving ROI

By revolutionizing its media monitoring and analysis frameework, Adobe PR empowered the enterprise as forcefully as any other marketing channel.

Download the success story to dig deeper into Adobe's findings from the analysis.

Read more about how Cision supported Adobe's PR efforts in PRNEWS here.

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