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The 2024 State of the Media Report

Get actionable insight from 3,000+ journalists on what they truly want and need from PR teams.

9 Strategies to Maximize the Impact of Your Earned Media Coverage

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Earned media isn't just about getting a nod from the press - it's a vital tool for building brand reputation and reaching new audiences. In fact, our latest research, the 2024 Global Comms Report, identified that nearly half (46%) of PR and comms teams are increasingly relying on earned media this year, with 33% basing their entire strategy around it. 

Landing earned media coverage is a big win for PR and comms teams and shows that you’re doing something right. But where the power of earned media truly comes into play is what you do next.

Here are nine strategies to help you extend the longevity and value of your hard-won earned media coverage and increase the impact of your efforts. 

1. Syndicate to Shared Channels 

Share snippets, quotes, images, and visuals of the media coverage you’ve received across your social media platforms to reinforce your brand’s authority and expertise. Be sure to tailor your content to each platform. For example, platforms such as X and Instagram, known for their fast-paced nature, can handle multiple posts over several days, but you might want to pull out a few key points or write an intro for slower-moving channels like Facebook and LinkedIn. Use multimedia content like videos and infographics to boost online engagement. Be sure to track brand mentions and listen to online conversations to engage and keep the conversation going.

2. Share with Prospects and Customers

Incorporate your earned media wins in email newsletters and promotional campaigns to directly reach existing audiences who may not have seen the coverage elsewhere. Include links to articles, interviews, or other mentions to reinforce key messages about your brand, products, and services and deepen engagement with this group. Be sure to provide some context outlining why such coverage adds credibility or a level of prestige to your brand.

3. Integrate into Owned Channels 

Your website and blog are prime real estate for showcasing your earned media coverage. Incorporate media quotes and excerpts onto your website pages and within blogs. Republish any content you’ve created for another site, with permission and proper attribution, or excerpt an earned media piece and add your own commentary on the subject. Share third-party coverage in your brand’s newsroom or list on your website to enrich your SEO and boost your credibility. Don't be shy about linking back to the original sources – it's a win-win for everyone involved.

4. Leverage Paid Channels

While earned media coverage is inherently valuable, investing in paid media can further amplify its impact. For example, you might create targeted social ads on LinkedIn with clips or quotes from your earned media, or create sponsored content for a third-party news outlet that builds upon the themes or topics covered from your earned media. Paid media helps you reach new audiences through trusted sources, enabling you to both enhance your brand’s reputation, while maximizing the overall effectiveness of your campaigns. These new audiences will be primed to recognize your brand in future interactions and touchpoints.

5. Incorporate into Sales and Marketing Materials 

Earned media logos, pull quotes, and excerpts add immense credibility to your marketing collateral. From email signatures and sales brochures to press kits and investor presentations, make sure your coverage is front and center. By highlighting positive coverage, you’re reinforcing your brand’s credibility and trust with target audiences, which is particularly valuable in this age of increasing consumer skepticism.

6. Repurpose Content

Extend the lifespan of your coverage by repurposing it into various formats such as videos, podcasts, or blog posts. Reuse media quotes, statistics, and other content across website pages, blogs, social media, and press releases to maximize visibility and engagement. For example, written articles can inspire infographic explainers or YouTube recaps; webinars can offer additional commentary and analysis. By repackaging content for different audiences and platforms, you ensure your message resonates with diverse audience segments and drives meaningful engagement. 

7. Nurture Relationships with Journalists and Influencers 

Cultivating strong relationships with journalists, bloggers, and influencers is essential for securing ongoing coverage and maintaining a robust media presence. Although media outreach/influencer management ranked in the top three priorities for almost half of comms leaders (47%), only a quarter feel confident in their team’s ability to identify and collaborate with the right media partners. Express gratitude for coverage, provide additional resources or insights, and stay informed of future collaboration opportunities to position your brand as a valuable, trusted source of information. 

8. Track and Measure Reach

Measuring the impact of earned media coverage is crucial for assessing the effectiveness of your PR efforts and optimizing future campaigns. Use measurement tools to track impressions, engagement, leads, and other key performance indicators to gain valuable insights into the reach and effectiveness of your media coverage. Compiling top-tier coverage into post-campaign reports and showcasing big media wins helps to demonstrate the value of PR efforts to clients, stakeholders, and management. And tracking the stories that gain traction with the public can help you craft not only more compelling pitches, but also create content that will better resonate with your audiences.

9. Celebrate and Socialize Internally 

Share your earned media coverage with internal stakeholders, such as employees, executives, or investors, to keep them informed and engaged with your brand. Highlight the significance of coverage and its impact on your brand's reputation. Leaders should especially celebrate milestones like award wins or inclusions in top-tier press to foster feelings of pride among employees and reinforce a culture of excellence. And don’t miss the opportunity to leverage internal advocacy programs to amplify messaging across your employees’ social media networks. 

The Bottom Line

Earned media coverage represents a valuable opportunity for PR and communications pros to enhance their brand's credibility, visibility, and reputation. By strategically repurposing and amplifying earned media coverage across various channels, you can extend its reach, engage with target audiences, and drive meaningful results for your organization. 

Download the 2024 Global Comms Report for more on the trends, challenges, and opportunities ahead – with insights from more than 400 of your PR and comms peers across the globe.  

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About Amy O'Connell
About Amy O'Connell

Amy O'Connell is the Global Content and Experience Producer at Cision. She is a skilled marketing and communications professional with over 15 years of experience across various industries.