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5 Well-Rounded Morning Newsletters to Jumpstart Your Day

My routine for news intake is religious in application Sunday-Friday. But at a certain point, a line must be drawn with content consumption. If nothing more, we do it to preserve our sanity and workflow. Good morning newsletters can help readers catch up with the latest news before they've finished their morning coffee.

During the decade of bliss preceding the pandemic, I could eat, breathe, and sleep with some type of current event chatter in the background. That was until the spring/summer of 2021.

One positive to be plucked from the wounds of late is our reclaimed agency of self. The last year was a metaphorical refresh. It's allowed us to pacify the cacophony to reassert our basic tenets: what matters, what brings us joy, what is contributing to a productive lifestyle, and what no longer raises to the occasion of “the cut.”  All of which can be summarized by how we choose to allocate our ever-fleeting time and energy.

In hopes of staying the course, here are a few curated options I frequent to start my day in the know, without becoming overwhelmed by the surplus of all-consuming content in the digital era.

Thinking of writing your own newsletter? Here are some tips for keeping your newsletter engaging.

1. theSkimm

Fully aware that there is a place and time for my cheeky approach to life, theSkimm, my friends, is “that” newsletter. Since theSkimm’s 2012 inception, its fresh approach to storytelling is often imitated but rarely rivaled [*cue, can’t touch this]…

Flawlessly blurring the lines between entertainment and awareness, this team of whimsically witty writers has flipped many a bland morning into a chuckle. It allows us Skimmers to crash into our day like a Miley-worthy wrecking ball: with a few fun facts, food for thought, and a general roundup of what might come about in convo – be it at the water cooler or when you realize someone has logged in to your Zoom call 15 minutes early.

2. The Morning by The New York Times

With the American edition lead by David Leonhardt and showcasing equally brilliant contributors, this pre-coffee roundup would be my power-move pick. It's a balanced continental buffet of substantive news analysis. The format has shifted a few Times since I first opted in, but I am happy to report that The Morning has found its groove and is thriving. This newsletter is a thought-provoking closer look at what is happening and why it matters.

3. 5 Things by CNN

Continuing with the theme of straightforward substance, allow me to introduce CNN’s 5 Things morning newsletter. Composed by digital contributor AJ Willingham and delivered to our inboxes Monday-Friday, it does not get more straightforward than this. The daily sound-off captures the top five stories dominating the morning news cycle.  After all, you know I'm a sucker for a solid listicle!

4. AP Morning Wire

The Associated Press may be the most obvious and “definitive source” for our daily morning dose of content. And the AP Morning newsletter is exactly what one might expect from the esteemed Associated Press.

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5. Morning Brew

This is the newest addition to my inbox and I have no regrets in welcoming it to my mix of morning news. The daily email evokes a sense of levity while still remaining respectful of subscribers' time. Similar to some of the previous mentions, the Morning Brew’s business news line-up provides a one-stop shop for informative fun to accompany your morning cup of joe.


Now to wrap up with an honorable mention. I reached out to a cherished friend and Emmy award-winning journalist who brought my attention to Betches. While we shared some morning newsletters from trusted mainstream sources above, this closing shout-out is a newsletter worth checking out on those days when you need a reminder not to take life too seriously.

If you have a suggestion that we need to check out, subscribe to, or highlight in a future roundup, sound off on Twitter or in the comment section down below.

If you're looking for newsletters covering the media industry, here are our favorites.

Until next time – Cheers Friends.


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