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7 LGBTQ+ News Sites That Are Using Their Platforms to Show Solidarity

June is #PrideMonth, and even though celebrations like Pride continue to be affected by current events, there are many positives to take away from them. Take the Black Lives Matter protests against injustice, for example; intersectionality and solidarity have jumped to the forefront of the LGBTQ+ community and Pride celebrations this year.

This year, Pride Month isn’t “business as usual.” The LGBTQ+ community has a unique position to stand in solidarity with the black community in support of one another. After all, it was the Stonewall riots -- the historical uprising in response to a police raid on the morning of June 28, 1969 -- that birthed the global gay rights movement.

In honor of solidarity and the fight against racism, check out these LGBTQ+ news sites that stand with the black community against injustice and racism.

1. The Advocate

The Advocate presents trending news on gay politics, elections, commentary, culture, and photography.

The Advocate also has hundreds of free podcasts covering legislation related to marriage equality and same-sex adoption, and other issues that impact the LGBTQ+ community.

Stories to read right now: Justice Smith Comes Out as Queer in Solidarity For Black LGBTQ+ Lives; and podcast Writer Kimberly Drew on the Relationship Between Art and Activism.

LGBTQ News Sites - Advocate homepage

2. Pink News

Pink News covers world news topics on politics, education, entertainment, religion, sports, dating, parenting, and much more. It's a global community of people who want to stay informed, inspired, and empowered to be themselves.

The organization launched an initiative this month named #PrideForAll, which advocates for LGBTQ+ human rights and led to a virtual march in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement last weekend.

Stories to read right now: Queer activists explain why Pride Month is so vital this year: ‘People are fighting for their freedom’; and 7 essential self-care tips for queer Black people feeling the weight of Black suffering.

LGBTQ News Sites - Pink News homepage

3 LGBTQ Nation

LGBTQ Nation is an online news magazine that covers LGBTQ-related topics on politics, life, health, and elections.

LGBTQ Nation is one of the few news sites on this list that has a news section dedicated solely to LGBTQ Pride – the banner reads: “Pride is the spirit that bolsters LGBTQ rights movements throughout the world.” The LGBTQ Pride section is packed full of diverse stories for everyone to discover.

Stories to read right now: Indianapolis honors LGBTQ people of color in Pride proclamation; and LA Pride announces Black Lives Matter protest march will replace Pride parade.

LGBTQ News Sites - LGBTQ Nation homepage

4. Out

Out is a news outlet that features editor's picks on topics such as fashion, entertainment, news and opinion, and television. The site also has a section called Popnography, a “one-stop shop for all aspects of LGBT entertainment and culture."

Out features some of the most well-known voices of the LGBTQ+ community -- Jesse Archer and Tammy Baldwin, to name a few -- who share opinions on gay news.

Stories to read right now: How We Can End the Violence Against Trans Women of Color; and Grindr Is Disabling Its Ethnicity Filter to Fight Racism.

LGBTQ News Sites - Out homepage

5. covers trending topics and tags such as #BlackLivesMatter, #Geek, #Movies, #TV, #Interviews, #Music, #ComingOut, and #Activism. mostly focuses on the entertainment industry’s reaction to gay news and politics. The news site values social justice and includes some of the most influential celebrity voices in the gay activist community.

Stories to read right now: Lady Gaga, Lizzo, & Selena Use Insta to Spotlight Racial Justice Orgs; and Don't Forget: The First Pride Was a Riot.

LGBTQ News Sites - homepage

6. Autostraddle

Since 2009, Autostraddle has been covering topics on television, arts and pop culture, sex and dating, politics, community, and more.

The site is "an intelligent, hilarious and provocative voice and a progressively feminist online community for multiple generations of kick-ass lesbian, bisexual and otherwise inclined ladies (and their friends).”

Stories to read right now: A Black Feminist, Queer History of Prison Abolition and the Never-Ending Fight for Black Liberation; and Support Black Community With Your Money: A Living Index of Local Mutual Aid Efforts.

LGBTQ News Sites - Autostraddle homepage

7. Washington Blade

Washington Blade is an award-winning news source “covering the LGBT Community since 1969,” making it the most senior news site on the list.

Washington Blade covers politics, opinions, arts and entertainment, lifestyle, health, and sports. The publication just celebrated its 50-year anniversary — it sprung from a gay community in Washington, D.C,. in 1969, just after the Stonewall riots.

Stories to read right now: ‘It means giving up some privilege’: Black leaders on how gays can fight racism; and Baltimore group holds Black Trans Lives Matter rally, march.

LGBTQ News Sites - Washington Blade homepage


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