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8 Subject Ideas Photographers Can Find Around the House

With some quarantine measures slowly lifted across the country in recent weeks, you may be excited to eat at your favorite restaurant, shop at the mall, work out at the gym, and get back to other activities you've missed.

But chances are, you're still finding comfort in staying home most of the time and trying to find things to stay busy (since making bread from scratch has lost its appeal). Now that we're three months in, it's only natural to feel bored or like you need a spark of inspiration.

In case you've run out of photo ideas, we've got you covered.

1. Grab the Accessories

Clean off your favorite jewelry and show it some love. Because even though you may not have worn it lately, it can still get some use by pairing it with other household items for a photoshoot.

When photographing jewelry, choose a background, lighting, and other materials to help showcase and complement the style of the piece.

2. Set up scenes

One of the great things about photography is that you have to use what's available to create an image. While it may seem limiting at first, when you start challenging the traditional concepts of what and how something can be photographed, the real magic happens.

Push yourself to create another world with the things you have at your disposal.

Start by deconstructing items to their shape, texture, general aesthetic, and even include dolls/figurines to help manipulate them.

3. Go Abstract

Another style that macro lenses are good for is abstract photography. Get up close and personal with things around the house to make them unrecognizable and even transcendental.

4. Rethink your gear

Not only can household items be your subject matter, they also act as camera equipment to get a unique shot. Search for photography hacks or take some tips from this list to create faux backgrounds, awesome effects, and DIY camera accessories.

5. Capture Daily Life

Take on the role of a documentary photographer and take pictures as life unfolds. Maybe it's a daily selfie, step-by-step of making a meal, or documenting the sunset each night.

6. Facetime Photography

Still longing to take some portraits? With the right tech, you can do a virtual photoshoot with your friends, family, and clients to get the shot. Get the full details here!

7. Snap Stills of Prized Possessions

Now that you've had ample time to go through everything stuffed under the bed, and in the garage and attic, there's a good chance you found some long-lost favorites.

Whether you want to take a picture to pay homage to your beloved treasures or even as a way to help sell them online, consider dusting them off and letting them take the spotlight.

8. Head Outdoors

Take your camera with you on your walk around the block and get some shots of anything that piques your interest.

Challenge yourself to look at everyday things in a new way; consider the way the light changes the subject matter at different times of day, get up close to examine the texture, and appreciate the beauty around you.