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Cision Closes on Brandwatch: New App, New Insights, New Possibilities

It’s been a little over three months since Cision announced that we are acquiring Brandwatch, a leader in AI-powered social listening and digital consumer intelligence. I’m excited to say that we are officially closing the deal today and have already started bringing the benefits Brandwatch has to offer to our clients.

But before I go into what’s changing, let me back up and discuss why we’re making this move and why we’re doing it now.

Chances are that you, like me, are one of the 4 billion people who are on social media today – roughly half of the world’s population. The explosive adoption of social media and other digital channels over the last several years has caused a fundamental shift in how consumers experience brands and make purchasing decisions and how brands engage with their target audiences.

There is a tremendous opportunity for PR and marketing professionals to harness insights from digital channels to build stronger communications and engagement strategies to not only generate media coverage and brand visibility, but to drive traffic back to their website or influence other desired behavior from customers and prospects. This trend, set in motion by leading companies, is only going to accelerate and we want to help you take advantage of it.

That is why we worked so quickly to integrate Brandwatch into our solutions suite. Today, we launched a new Brandwatch embedded app, which you can access via the Cision Communications Cloud or our social media management platform The app features Brandwatch’s real-time and historical insights from over 100 million data sources, so you can easily track what people are saying about your brand, products, competitors and industry – or anything else you may be wondering about. 

What does this mean for you specifically?

  • More comprehensive data: Cision’s robust media intelligence paired with Brandwatch’s digital consumer intelligence provides a more holistic view of the data you need to manage your brand’s reputation and plan your next campaign.
  • More real-time insights: Our investments in data science and AI can help you better understand conversations taking place on digital channels worldwide. Content that is often difficult to track appears in your dashboard fully processed with insights within one minute.
  • More opportunity: Learnings from our data can help you build smarter business and communications strategies to engage your target audience and produce better outcomes.

And we’re just getting started. You can expect many more exciting developments and innovations as we bring together the social-focused teams of Brandwatch and That is over 1,000 highly talented people focused solely on delivering new capabilities to you in social media listening, management and engagement.