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The 2024 State of the Media Report

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Cision's Summer Reading List

Ocean coast, water and sand

Whether you've been busier than ever or have a little more time on your hands to do some reading this summer, we put together a list of our latest and greatest content for all of your summer reading needs. 

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Happy reading! 

  • It's already that time of year: Last week we released our Holiday Gift Guide Pitching Kit plus an on-demand webinar featuring additional pitching tips for PR pros. Don't let those holiday deadlines sneak up on you! 
  • And since everyone's calendar has been turned upside down this year, we put together a Stay on Top of Your PR Strategy Toolkit featuring everything you need to rethink and refresh going into the second half of 2020 (we removed canceled or postponed events and added new ones to the content calendar, for example). 
  • If you're frustrated and not sure where to start with broaching difficult comms subjects within your brand or industry, our Field Marketing Manager shared the highlights of a recent webinar on Demanding Change with PRSA: How Communicators Can Help Brands Create Real Change. 
  • Before you craft a comms strategy, you need to know what the existing sentiment is around your brand for better, worse or neutral; our guide to Measuring Brand Sentiment will get you started.