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The 2024 State of the Media Report

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Creating your own breakthrough: the seven Cs to success

Every human being seeks to be acknowledged, validated and valued” – Rohini Rathour

Cision’s Empower group had the pleasure of welcoming Rohini Rathour to our office in London to hold a talk on “Creating your own breakthrough”.

By Louise Pantani, search analyst, Cision

Rathour has two decades of wealth management experience and is responsible for the investment performance of £2 billion of client money. So, when she asked if we wanted her help in creating our own breakthroughs, the answer was yes!

She asked us to think about the following, “Where do you see yourself?”, “How would you describe yourself?”, “How would people describe you?” and “Are you happy with the progress you’re making?”. If the answer to the last question was “No”, then her advice was to follow the seven cs to create your own success and be a leader in your own life.

The seven Cs fall under two categories: “What we can do for ourselves”, and “What we can do in the outside world”.

Claritycuriositycreativity and competence are what we can do for ourselves. Be clear on who we are, and what makes us different. Be curious and creative and don’t lose those aspects of ourselves as you get older and if you have – bring it back to the forefront.

Finally utilise our resources, in the workplace and outside, and build on the skills and abilities that we learnt from education. These four cs are all about self-awareness, self-reflection and self-acceptance, but also taking ourselves to the next step by consciously including things that we may have forgotten over time.

Rathour told us: “If you can focus your efforts on what will add value to you and to the goal you want to achieve, then that is better in the long run”

The final three, connectionscommunication and conflict resolutions are what we need to interact with the outside world, because as Rathour states “It’s no good being amazing if nobody knows it”.

We need to find a way to communicate to others about how we are unique and how to tell our story to the connections we make – whether it is at work, in your personal life or even with someone on the tube.

And finally, it’s all about emotional resilience, how do we react to rejection or rudeness. Do we take criticism on the chin and turn the negatives into positives? A potential leader will utilise the seven cs in their daily life to push them towards their ideal future and goals.

So Rathour’s advice is to be your most valuable asset and use your most precious resource to create your own breakthrough.