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The 2024 State of the Media Report

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PR and Comms Awards to Get the Recognition Your Team Deserves in 2024

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One of the biggest challenges faced by PR and communications professionals is proving the value they bring to their brand. Industry awards can play a pivotal role in proving that impact. These accolades provide a platform for nominees and winners to showcase their exceptional work, garner recognition from industry leaders and peers, and elevate their brand's reputation. 

To help you and your team get the accolades you deserve, we’ve compiled a list of the top industry awards to have on your radar and consider applying to. These awards span a wide range of categories, encompassing individuals, agencies, organizations, and campaigns or strategies that exemplify the highest standards of excellence.

Note: Awards are listed by submission due date.

NYX Awards

Nominations due: January 17, 2024 
Announcement date: May 10, 2024

The NYX Awards span communications, marketing, and design industries, with categories for public relations campaigns and strategic communications. This array of categories offers recognition and celebration for individuals and organizations who shape and redefine the landscape of creative and marketing endeavors.
Learn more about the NYX Awards

IABC Gold Quill Awards

Nominations due: January 21, 2024 
Announcement date: April 2024

The International Association of Business Communicator’s Gold Quill Awards honor excellence in global strategic communications and are open to both professionals and students. The Awards are divided into 28 categories grouped into four divisions: communication management, communication research, communication training and education, and communication skills. You’d be hard-pressed to find a category that doesn’t speak to you or your team’s strengths and accomplishments. 
Learn more about the Gold Quill Awards

PRWeek Global Awards

Nominations due: January 25, 2024
Announcement date: May 2024

Industry mainstay PRWeek awards businesses, campaigns, and individuals across the world for excellence in public relations and communications across a wide range of categories, including best agency by region and best global content.
Learn more about the PRWeek Global Awards

PRSA Anvil Awards

Nominations due: February 1, 2024
Announcement date: May 9, 2024

The Anvils are PR industry benchmarks for high performance and achievement. The Silver Anvil Awards recognize the best public relations campaigns and organizations of the year. The Bronze Anvil Awards celebrate strategies and tactics that lead public relations campaigns to success. The prestigious Gold Anvil Award is PRSA’s highest individual award, presented to an outstanding public relations professional who is a member of PRSA and has more than 20 years of experience. Individual awards are offered for overall outstanding public relations work, public service, lifetime achievement, and contributions to awareness of multicultural communities.
Learn more about the PRSA Anvil Awards

American Business Awards

Nominations due: February 7, 2024
Announcement date: April 25, 2024

The American iteration of the Stevies, a series of worldwide business awards, the American Business Awards include a dedicated PR Awards Category in addition to awards for communication professionals across other categories.
Learn more about the American Business Awards

Global Social Media Awards

Nominations due: February 16, 2024
Announcement date: April 25, 2024

The Global Social Media Awards recognizes and elevates businesses and teams around the world who have used social media to create meaningful and creative engagement with their audiences, with powerful results. Categories by region and worldwide include both platform-specific and general awards.
Learn more about the Global Social Media Awards

AME Awards

Nominations due: April 3, 2024
Announcement date: May 2024 

The World’s Best Advertising & Marketing Effectiveness Awards recognize successful and innovative creative campaigns that achieved specific marketing goals and objectives, found an innovative solution to a marketing challenge, and/or demonstrated strategic and creative planning and execution. In addition to industry-specific categories, AMEs include awards for various disciplines and media,as well as citations given to campaigns for social good.
Learn more about the AME Awards

Other Notable Awards to Watch

While the following awards have yet to release their 2024 details, they’re undoubtedly worth keeping your eye on as potential opportunities for participation. 

Best in Biz Awards International

Judged by independent writers and editors from top global publications, the Best in Biz International Awards include 21 PR- and communications-specific categories, including best crisis response, best corporate social responsibility program, and best PR campaign.
Learn more about the Best in Biz Awards International

Communitas Awards

The Communitas Awards recognize businesses, individuals, and organizations across the world who are giving away their time and resources—and employing their communication skills—for the betterment of their communities, societies, and the planet. Categories include community service and corporate responsibility, recognizing specific projects and/or companies, organizations, and individuals, as well as broader leadership categories.
Learn more about the Communitas Awards


The Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals’ MarCom Awards (not to be confused with the NYX MarCom awards) celebrate excellent communications across general categories while honoring the hard work, achievement, and generosity of industry professionals.
Learn more about the MarCom Awards


The National Council for Marketing and Public Relations’ Paragon Awards note achievements among two-year college communicators, supporting professional development. The Paragon Awards is the only national competition of its kind, recognizing success among public relations and marketing professionals at two-year colleges.
Learn more about the Paragon Awards

Ragan and PR Daily Awards

Every year, Ragan and PR Daily grant various awards to celebrate the most successful campaigns, initiatives, people, and teams in the communication, PR, marketing, and employee well-being industries. Ragan and PR Daily award programs recognize achievements in several categories including social media, corporate social responsibility, content marketing, and media relations.
Learn more about Ragan and PR Daily Awards

The Communicator Awards

The Communicator Awards celebrate effectiveness and achievement across all areas of communications, honoring international talent across general categories. The awards are reviewed by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts, a group of professionals from acclaimed firms and professionals from companies including Amazon, Conde Nast, IBM, Disney, and ESPN.
Learn more about the Communicator Awards

The Drum Awards for Marketing Europe, Middle East, and Africa

The marketing-focused branch of the Drum Awards recognizes brands, campaigns, and teams across a variety of categories, including industry-specific categories. There are also categories for “brilliant use of” techniques and strategies like B2B, PR, and social media.
Learn more about The Drum Awards

Titan Business Awards

The Titan award celebrates business excellence worldwide, acknowledging both startups and established organizations for their innovation and leadership. There is a dedicated PR & Communications category for individuals and organizations, plus individual awards for communications and public relations campaigns, agencies, and professionals across other professional designations.
Learn more about the Titan Business Awards

Women in Communications Awards

The Women in Communication Clarion Awards honors outstanding communications work by and for women across all areas of communications. In addition to a public relations category, there are categories for education, online media, and student communications.
Learn more about the Women in Communications Awards

About Amy O'Connell
About Amy O'Connell

Amy O'Connell is the Global Content and Experience Producer at Cision. She is a skilled marketing and communications professional with over 15 years of experience across various industries.