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The 2024 State of the Media Report

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PR Podcasts we Recommend

Man doing an audio cast

Listening to more podcasts lately? We put together this list of recommendations you can check out and add to your queue:

  • #FuturePRoof: Straight from the U.K., this podcast covers "the issues raised by the #FuturePRoof project, asserting the role of public relations as a management discipline in the organisations that it serves and society".
  • Digiday: Digiday, but make it a podcast. 
  • Hacks & Flacks: This podcast from March Communications, talks with influencers, colleagues and experts about all things marketing, media, public relations, and comms. 
  • HBR: Podcasts brought to you from the Harvard Business Review, including HBR IdeaCast, Women at Work and Dear HBR, among others. 
  • The PRovoke Podcast: Formerly The Holmes Report, this podcast "lifts the lid on key PR industry stories and trends".
  • Marketing Over Coffee: This one covers both classic and new marketing.
  • Marketing Smarts by MarketingProfs: A weekly podcast that features in-depth interviews with smart marketers from all walks of life. 
  • Marketing Week: A monthly podcast in which Marketing Week editor Russell Parsons interviews marketing's biggest names about their careers and the state of the industry.
  • Spirit of 608 Podcast: A podcast filled with "stories, tips and advice from women at the intersection of fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability and tech".
  • The Talking Points: A monthly podcast covering relevant news and advice about communications and public relations.
  • PRmoment Podcast: Exploring the evolution of PR, via podcast 
  • SheQuality Podcast: A weekly podcast "dedicated to the important issues facing women in the workplace".
  • Social Media Marketing: Want to learn more about social media marketing? Social Media Examiner offers two weekly podcasts.
  • The FlipMyFunnel podcast: Interested in integration across teams? "Ultimately, this podcast is dedicated to helping B2B marketing, sales, and customer success professionals become masters of their craft."

Got one you love that we missed? Tell us about it on Twitter (we're @Cision) and we'll update this post!