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The 2024 State of the Media Report

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These Climate and Health Experts are Ready to Talk to Journalists


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Expert Alerts

Below are experts from the ProfNet network who are available to discuss timely issues in your coverage area.

1. Climate Change

Who: Steve Meller, PhD, CEO, Founder, CH4 Global

What they can discuss: Dr. Meller can discuss climate change, the impact severity of the different types of greenhouse gasses (GHGs), and how methane is the only viable solution to save humanity. Other topics include animal agriculture, responsible custodianship of the planet, and solutions for today to reduce GHGs while we wait for other technology to catch up.

"Our planet is in trouble. We are heading for the demise of humanity unless we make some radical changes both in how we live and how we impact greenhouse gases."


Media contact: Charlene Moore,

2. Norovirus

Who: Chip Manuel, Ph.D., Food Safety Science Advisor, GOJO Industries

What they can discuss: Dr. Manuel expects to see a surge in norovirus cases soon and is available to discuss the issue with reporters. Norovirus is the leading cause of illness and outbreaks from contaminated food in the United States. Outbreaks are most common November-April.

"Several elements are coming together that suggest we may soon see a surge in norovirus cases – similar to what we've seen with other viruses like RSV and flu."


Media contact: Kelly Ward-Smith,

3. Competency-Based Education

Who: Dr. Verna Lowe, Director of Academic Programs, Western Governors University's School of Education

What they can discuss: Dr. Lowe can speak to the value of competency-based education, "a respected model of education that offers education to individuals by measuring learning rather than time."

"The model accomplishes two goals: it gives each learner time to learn, and it provides a way to assure there has been learning because the learner must meet set competencies within a course or program, proving mastery of knowledge and skills."


Media contact: Mark Toth,

Media Jobs

Here are a few job listings for staff and freelance writers, editors and producers.

  • Freelance Reporter, International and US News (The Epoch TImes - Remote): "The role is remote working and due to the timing of the shift (overnight US time) it would particularly suit reporters in European time zones."
  • Managing Editor, B2B Financial Publication (Financial Times & Money Media - NY): "The managing editor is the editorial driver of Life Annuity Specialist, overseeing all content development, including original news articles, trend reports, surveys and potentially video and webcasts."
  • Features Editor (Wall Street Journal | Exchange - Remote): "The ideal candidate will be passionate about business coverage and working with reporters...We aim for narratives that focus on characters and columns about the juiciest companies and sagas."

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