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What's the Buzz? September's Top Trends Around Hot Topics on Social Media

What People Were Saying on Social in September

Every Friday, our colleagues at Brandwatch take an in-depth look at a topic, trend or industry that’s taking over social media and attempt to tell us why. This month, they explored what’s driving the conversation around streaming services, how people are feeling about the change in seasons, the appetite for pizza, and more.

Have we reached peak pizza? Topping the list of topics we looked at this month was pizza (because when isn’t it a good time to talk about pizza?). Among the most delicious findings: Monday is the most popular day to talk about pizza (comfort food to start off the work week, perhaps?); Pineapple continues to be a polarizing topping (eliciting nearly equal parts joy and disgust); and conversation peaked – by a wide margin – on February 9. (Surprised? Don’t tell us you forgot about National Pizza Day!)  See what else the data delivered.

Pumpkin spiced insights: The leaves are starting to fall, but mentions of the fall season are up. And if you feel like you’re hearing the phrase “pumpkin spiced” more this year, it may not completely be your imagination: Conversations around the popular flavor having been peaking earlier and earlier in the season for the last five years. But if there’s one thing people love more than an overly sweet, gourd-flavored latte, it’s a meme – specifically the “my fall plans vs. the Delta variant” meme, which has already been posted and retweeted over 312K times this year. See what else is on people’s minds this season.

Money, well…spent: When COVID lockdown forced businesses to shut down, it also forced consumers to rethink their day-to-day habits – including their spending habits. After all, most people were no longer paying for gas or public transportation to get to work, nor were they paying for things like movie tickets, restaurant bills, spa services or gym fees…so what were consumers spending money on? And how has that changed since the beginning of the pandemic? These are questions Brandwatch attempted to answer digging into the conversation around post-lockdown consumer spending habits. See how the data adds up.

Netflix and the opposite of chill: The number of streaming platforms has increased significantly in recent years, and so has the online conversation about them. But not everyone has British Baking Show-level warm and fuzzy feelings about their streaming services. Brandwatch took a look at the top complaints online users have around television streaming services. Among the biggest annoyances: Commercial interruptions, disappearing shows, and subtitles that create more confusion than they clear up. See what the data is showing.

Mary Lorenz

Mary Lorenz is Editorial Director at Cision and writes about best practices and thought leadership for marketing, communications and public relations professionals. She has a background in marketing, public relations and journalism and over 15 years of experience in copywriting and content strategy across a variety of platforms, industries and audiences.