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The 5 Most Impressive Press Releases from April

Whether your target audience is a journalist or a consumer, you want the content of your press release to capture your reader’s imagination. How will your message help your audience? How will it make their lives better? One of the best ways to engage your audience on this front is the use of lifestyle product photography.

A traditional product shot is good, but to go above and beyond, provide your reader more visual context as to why your product should matter to them. The extra framework is a great complement to a news announcement and can potentially increase audience engagement. 

Let the reader visualize how the product or service would look in use, touching on your audiences’ emotions (versus rational), and giving them a glimpse of that potential lifestyle moment in time to deepen their engagement with your brand. 

5 of the Most Impressive Press Releases in April

The following press releases that provided this type of lifestyle imagery stood out last month:


1. Once Upon a Disney Wish: New Disney Cruise Line Ship Will Unlock Enchanting Family Vacations in Summer 2022

Can you picture yourself in this boat, having this wonderful vacation now?


2. LG Expands Unique "Ergo" Design Across Ultra Monitor Lineup

A great visual here, with excellent use of lighting and object placement. The monitor isn’t the star of this shot, but rather the overall sense of freedom of space, relaxation.


3. TCL Introduces breeva Air Purifier, the Smarter Way to Restore Fresh Air and Healthy Living

Here again, the product itself (the air purifier) isn’t the star of the shot. This visual is relaying it as part of everyday family living.


4. RV Rental Bookings are up 846% in April with a Promising Summer Season Ahead

Once again, this image used is clearly about more than the product itself. “It’s not about the rental vehicle,” this visual is clearly telling you, “but where it can bring you.”


5. Lowe's Introduces Enhanced Shopping Experience for Pro Customers With New Products and Services

It’s one thing to tell you the store is making things better (easier) for their customers in a traditional text release, but here they actually show the benefits they offer in action.

Bottom line:

If you’re not already including good product shots in your press releases (and/or in Twitter posts, LinkedIn updates, email pitches, etc.), that is a must-do for the second half of 2021 and beyond.

If you have the time and budget, also consider moving up a level and embracing the use of lifestyle photography to increase audience engagement – again, providing a visual to the reader that gives more context to how they might buy in to what you’re pitching.

Glenn Frates

Glenn Frates is Regional Vice President of U.S. Distribution at Cision. Glenn’s 20+ years experience in content distribution and best practices, global marketing strategies and large-scale operations management has provided him a broad perspective on what does and doesn’t work well in the Marketing/PR arena.