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The 2024 State of the Media Report

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The 5 Most Impressive Press Releases from August

I’ve written previously here about the impact of lifestyle product photography, that provides your reader a visual context as to why a product should matter to them.  But let’s get back to basics here:  I’m seeing way too many great stories crossing the Cision wires with no multimedia at all. Talk about a missed opportunity!

This is not new news: Including multimedia in any piece of content - from press releases to social media posts to email pitches, the list goes on – increases potential engagement from your audience. Study after study, the evidence is clear: people retain visual content better than text-only messaging. If you want to connect with your audience at a higher level, include at least one product photo. The brands I’ve highlighted below are shining examples of putting this practice into place – and reaping the benefits.

The following releases from August had higher than average page view stats and multimedia click figures.

1.  The All-New 2022 Sea-Doo Switch is a Game Changer in the Pontoon Industry

A great product shot giving a fun visual to a reader who takes away a memory of the brand in action. 

2.  Tiffany & Co. Introduces The "ABOUT LOVE" Campaign Starring Beyoncé And Jay-Z

The box light background frames an engaging image a reader will likely retain and connect with Tiffany & Co moving forward. (And spotlighting Beyoncé never hurts, either.)

3.  The Boston Beer Company partners with PepsiCo for US launch of New "HARD MTN DEW" alcoholic offering

A seemingly simple product shot, but it captures a reader’s attention with vibrant imagery. 

4.  Little Caesars® Unveils New Crazy Calzony™, Thrills Customers with Entirely New Pizza Eating Experience*

‘X’ marks the spot for a great visual that makes readers hungry (quite literally) for more from this brand.

5.  Jeep® Brand Debuts Tuscadero Exterior Paint Color to Showcase a Passionate Side to Any Wrangler

The product’s bright coloring pops against the misty background, providing what Jeep hopes will be a lasting visual of this brand’s allure. (Mission accomplished, I’d say.) 

The bottom line: Make sure you are doing everything you can to connect with your target audiences – to have them walk away from your messaging with not only a great visual of what your brand has to offer, but also an understanding of why it matters to them in the future.

Glenn Frates

Glenn Frates is Regional Vice President of U.S. Distribution at Cision. Glenn’s 20+ years experience in content distribution and best practices, global marketing strategies and large-scale operations management has provided him a broad perspective on what does and doesn’t work well in the Marketing/PR arena.