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The 2024 Cision and PRWeek Global Comms Report

Find out how 400+ PR and comms leaders worldwide are approaching the way they work in today’s media landscape.

The Most Attention-Getting Press Releases from August 2022

Trends and takeaways from August press release performances

Here at Cision, we find that clients who take a data-driven approach to their press release creation and distribution strategy perform well. In this series, we aim to provide insight into press releases that are making waves on the wire and in the media – and the reason behind it.

Take a look at some of the highest performing press releases from the last month and consider which tactics they’re using that you can apply to – and use to enhance – your own press release strategy.

August releases with the highest views on

The following four releases were some of the highest viewed on the Cision PRNewswire channel. Click through, and it’s easy to see why…

1. Are you ready to Shake, Shiver, and Shovel? Farmers' Almanac Releases an Extreme Winter Forecast

What this release gets right:

  • A headline that begins with some eye-catching alliteration and a question to pique readers’ curiosity
  • The headline also includes an action verb (“releases”) – press release headlines with action verbs tend to get more engagement as noted in Cision’s State of the Press Release
  • The release itself includes not one, but two engaging images that add context to the story
  • The text is easy to read and digest, thanks to short paragraphs and bolded section headers
  • Media contact information that makes it easy for journalists to reach out and get more information

2. eBay has Entered into an Agreement to Acquire TCGplayer

What this release gets right:

  • A headline that concisely answers the questions of “who” and “what” with a subhead that quickly answers the “why”
  • The use of logos within the release further enhance the co-branded message
  • Executive quotes from both brands, which add authority to the piece (and make it easy for journalists to pull and use for earned media)
  • “About” sections that provide added context for readers unfamiliar with the brand and include links directing readers to where they can learn more

3. Bank of America Introduces Community Affordable Loan Solution™ to Expand Homeownership Opportunities in Black/African American and Hispanic-Latino Communities

What this release gets right:

  • The comprehensive headline that answers the “who, what and why” for the reader, with a subhead that adds more context – and more reason for the reader to dive in
  • Bank of America included its logo for added brand recognition
  • Strategic use of bullets to break up the text and highlight key takeaways for the reader
  • Well-placed links that direct the reader to learn more about specific topics
  • An executive quote to lend credibility and context and a press contact (to reach out to should the media want an interview with said executive)

4. Chipotle IQ is Back With 500,000 Bogos for Brand Scholars

What this release gets right:

  • This headline had a lot of things readers seem to love: tacos, a comeback story and a headline that stayed within the 70 characters (which search algorithms love, too)
  • The inclusion of a logo for added brand awareness and a colorful visual that added dimension to the release and context to the story
  • A can’t-miss call to action in the form a link to learn more – smack dab in the middle of release, as a standalone paragraph
  • An informative quote from an executive quote – a consistent best practice among high-performing press releases

Spotlight on multimedia usage in August 

One of the hallmarks of a high performing press release is the inclusion of multimedia elements – photos, videos, infographics, charts, etc.. Not only do they break up the text by adding a visual element that draws the eye, but they often add much-needed context to a story that words can’t always convey.

See how the following press releases use multi multimedia elements to effectively draw the reader in:

1. Are you ready to Shake, Shiver, and Shovel? Farmers' Almanac Releases an Extreme Winter Forecast

2. HGTV Home® by Sherwin-Williams Announces Its 2023 Color Collection of the Year

3. Wendy's Announces Innovative New Global Restaurant Design Standard: "Global Next Gen"


Trending topics and keywords for PR pros to know:

  • “Inflation” was mentioned 1,080 times in August, up significantly from 735 times in July and 626 in June. It showed up most prominently in executive quotes from quarterly earnings announcements, like this release from Goodyear.
  • ESG-related releases continue to trend – 264 releases with the ESG subject code went out on our wires in August. 
  • Similarly, the keyword “Ukraine” has been a trending topic all year, and after a minor decline in mentions in July, saw another bump in August – from 345 mentions to 543.
  • Other trending themes included “Back to school” (as shown in this Meijer release), Web3/metaverse (with Taco Bell® getting in on the metaverse action) and Halloween/candy (as evidenced in this Mars candy announcement)

Staying ahead of trends is key to creating compelling press releases that speak to what audiences are reacting to and engaging with. 

Glenn Frates

Glenn Frates is Regional Vice President of U.S. Distribution at Cision. Glenn’s 20+ years experience in content distribution and best practices, global marketing strategies and large-scale operations management has provided him a broad perspective on what does and doesn’t work well in the Marketing/PR arena.